Great Gift Baskets for Every Budget

Gift baskets full of fruit, jam, and other treats are fabulous gifts that people to receive. Even though these gifts look extravagant and expensive they really aren’t. It doesn’t matter what your budget it when you are shopping for fruit and gift baskets. You will be able to find beautiful gifts that your family and friends will love on any budget. A lot of people are trying to cut back on their gift spending and save money. But, no one wants their gifts to look inexpensive. Sending baskets of fresh Florida citrus fruit and gourmet treats is the perfect way to get gifts that are high quality without the high gourmet price tag.

Fruit gifts are very economical. The best fruit is fresh fruit that is shipped from the grower. Grocery store fruit spend days and sometimes weeks in transit from a processing plant to stores all over. Fruit from the grower is shipped within days of being picked. When that fruit arrives as part of a gift basket it is ripe and full of flavor. There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh Florida oranges, grapefruit and other fruits. People assume that this fruit is expensive when really it’s not. It’s just better quality. Some gourmet fruits like Honeybells can be a little expensive but that’s because they have a very short growing season and are in very high demand. Even so Honeybell fruit baskets are more affordable than you might think.

If you need to buy gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or other events and you have a strict budget fruit gift baskets are a great option. Gift baskets of fruit also make fantastic corporate gifts because they are impressive but still affordable. Shopping for fruit gifts is easy to do. All you need to do is go online and browse through dozens of gorgeous gift baskets. You can even customize your baskets by adding on treats like fresh made jams and jellies, decadent cakes, candy, or nuts. You can choose baskets that will work for your budget. And you will save money by ordering directly from the grower. Your gifts will be shipped anywhere in the country for you on the date that you choose. So you save time as well as money because you won’t need to shop for or ship your gifts. Shop for gift baskets filled with delicious fresh citrus fruit today if you want to give great gifts without breaking the bank.

Gift Baskets are Always a Fun Surprise

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A great way to surprise your friends and loved ones is send to gift baskets. No occasion gift baskets are a present that everyone loves to get. Fruit baskets filled with seasonal Florida fruit or baskets filled with gourmet treats like candy and nuts are a fabulous way to surprise someone you care about. There are a lot of people in your life that you probably don’t spend as much time with as you’d like. If you want to remind those people how much you care about them send them gift baskets for absolutely no reason. Think of how excited they will be when fruit baskets filled with tasty Florida fruit show up at their doors. They will be thrilled to receive such an elegant gift for no reason.

Do have kids who recently went to college? Or a family friend who has recently gotten home from the hospital? What about a friend with a new baby or another friend who has a new job? All of these people would love to get gift baskets full of healthy Florida fruit from you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to surprise the ones you love. There are gift baskets available in every price range and baskets to fit every budget. A simple fruit basket filled with oranges and grapefruit doesn’t cost a lot but will mean the world to someone you love.

Fresh fruit is an especially thoughtful gift in these tough economic times. When families need to cut their spending in order to make their paychecks stretch they usually stop buying fresh fruit and

Fruit Baskets are Great Last Minute Gifts

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If you find yourself always searching for last minute gifts start sending fruit baskets. Fruit gifts are the best gifts to send when you need gifts in a hurry because they can be shipped anywhere in the country fast. You won’t need to waste time shopping for a gift, wrapping it, and then going to the post office to ship it. Just a few clicks of the mouse and your gift of delicious fresh citrus fruit will be on its way to your friends and family members. No one will ever know it was a last minute gift. Your friends and family will be delighted with their gift baskets filled with oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits. You won’t have to pay a fortune to get your gift there on time either.

Sometimes sending gifts at the last minute can’t be avoided. If you are busy, out of town, or have other reasons why you forget to send a gift for an occasion ordering fruit online is fast and easy to do. Whenever you have a few spare minutes you can browse through dozens of affordable fruit baskets that are perfect for any occasion. Once you pick a basket you can customize it by adding candy, nuts, cakes or other treats if you want. Then fill out a card to be included with the basket and check out. It’s just that simple. Your gift will be packaged and shipped immediately. Your fresh fruit gifts will arrive at the peak of deliciousness and you will be able to rest easy knowing you gave a great gift.

Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, anniversary or graduation last minute fruit basket gifts are the answer. There are fruit gifts available in a wide range of prices so you don’t have to spend a lot to give a great gift. And if you want to plan ahead so that you don’t get stuck scrambling for a gift at the last minute you can order fruit baskets and choose individual shipping dates for each one. That way you can order gifts for other events and choose to have them sent on a date close to the event. You won’t have to remember to shop for a gift. It will all be taken care of and the gift basket you chose will be shipped to your friends or family members for you.

Eat Healthy: Eat White Grapefruit

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Eating healthy is something that everyone wants to do but not enough people do. People usually stop eating healthy because they think healthy food can’t be delicious. But when you eat citrus fruit like white grapefruit, a healthy diet can be absolutely delicious. White grapefruit have a wide range of health benefits like lowering cholesterol and helping with weight loss. They are in season and usually available  November through April, a great healthy snack to keep in the pantry during this time.

Here are just a few ways you can add healthy white grapefruit to your diet:

Slice grapefruit and add it to water – Fresh fruit infused water are one of the hottest healthy eating trend, as people are trying to give up unhealthy sodas and drinks filled with sugar. Plain water just doesn’t appeal to everyone. You can get a lot of the benefits associated with eating grapefruit by slicing white grapefruit and adding the slices to water either in a pitcher or in a travel mug. The fruit will infuse the water with vitamins and minerals and it will make it taste refreshenly great. If you want to spice up your routine a little, you can add pink or Ruby Red grapefruit slices to the white grapefruit and mix up flavors.

Bake it for breakfast – White grapefruit has the perfect texture for baking. Baked grapefruit is a healthy breakfast that has less than 100 calories and lots of healthy fiber. Eating fiber for breakfast will help you feel full until lunchtime. Just slice a white grapefruit in half, place it flesh side up on a baking sheet and bake it in the oven until it is soft. If it is a little too tart for you, then you can add brown sugar to sweeten it. But baking it will bring out the natural sweetness in the fruit and you may not need to add sugar.

Drink the juice after a workout – Give your workout a boost by drinking white grapefruit juice afterward instead of water. The juice is full of anti-oxidants that will help your body repair damaged soft tissue and muscle and your body will use the vitamins and minerals in the juice for fuel. Recharge with grapefruit juice after you exercise and you won’t feel the after-workout-energy-slump an hour later. The grapefruit juice will keep you going for hours in a healthy way.

Make Birthdays Special with Florida Fruit Baskets

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If you hate shopping for birthday presents this year make it easier to shop for birthday by ordering Florida fruit baskets. You can find beautifully packaged fruit baskets in every price range. So no matter how much or how little you have to spend you can find an appropriate gift that you can afford. Florida fruit baskets are shipped for you anywhere in the country. That makes it easy to remember to send gifts to your friends, siblings, parents, grandparents and other family members. Just order your fruit basket gifts online and enter a shipping date close to the birthday. That’s all you have to do. The gifts will be shipped on the date you choose directly to your loved ones. No malls, no shopping, and no hassles or lines at the post office.

Premium Florida fruit baskets are wonderful gifts. Everyone loves to receive gifts of Florida fruit because it always tastes great. Florida fruit also stays fresh for a long time because the fruit baskets are always shipped just after the fruit is picked. Florida fruit baskets arrive full of fruit that tastes like it was just picked. Florida fruit is famous for freshness and great taste. All over the world people know that Florida grows the best tasting citrus fruit. Your loved ones will know that you care enough to send them the best when you send them Florida fruit baskets. Fruit baskets are great gifts for all occasions, especially holidays.

You can order Florida fruit baskets in advance too, which can be a big help if you tend to forget about birthdays until the last minute. Take an afternoon and sit down with your calendar and you can order all of the birthday gifts you will need to send for an entire year at once. Just make sure that you put in a shipping date for each one that is close to the person’s actual birthday. Your fruit basket gift will be packed and shipped when you specify so that you can be sure your gift will arrive fresh. This year you can be the person who sends amazing gifts for birthdays instead of the person who always forgets birthdays. And you can do it on any budget and in just a couple of hours. Order some Florida fruit baskets today to show your family and friends you care about them on their birthdays.

Lose Weight with Florida Grapefruit

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One of the easiest ways to lose weight is also healthy. Eating fresh Florida grapefruit will help you lose weight and stay healthy. You don’t need to spend a fortune on special pre-packaged meals or starve yourself. Buy some delicious and all natural grapefruit and snack your way to your ideal weight. Lots of foods promise to help you lose weight but there is actual medical research that shows eating grapefruit does promote weight loss. Great tasting Florida grapefruit and other low calorie citrus fruits are the ideal diet foods.

Grapefruits are low in calories but that’s not the only way that grapefruit helps you lose weight. Grapefruit contains a natural fat burning enzyme that will help you burn stored fat for energy. Also it has a lot of fiber. Fiber makes you feel full and eat less. So eating a grapefruit before each meal will give you a boost of energy and the vitamins and minerals you need while helping you eat less. That’s why the Grapefruit Diet is so successful and has been used for over forty years to help people lose weight.

Grapefruit isn’t just for breakfast either. You can use grapefruit and other citrus fruits like oranges or tangerines to create delicious snacks and desserts that will help you lose weight. Grilled grapefruit is a fantastic treat for brunch. Sorbets and low calorie ice creams flavored with citrus fruits are a nice treat. You can also use fresh juice in everything from smoothies to baking. Fresh juice in sauces adds brightness to the flavor and natural sweetness.

Eating refined sugar is bad for your body because your body can’t break down the sugar into energy. Most of the things that you eat containing processed sugar end up stored as fat because your body can’t get use it for energy. When you sweeten dishes with natural grapefruit or orange juice your body can easily break that down so those foods don’t end up causing you to gain weight.

If you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight add some fresh grapefruit to your daily diet. You can eat all of the grapefruit you want and still lose weight. Buy plenty of grapefruit to keep in your home, at your desk, and in your car so that you always have a healthy low calorie snack close by if you need one.

Fun Citrus Fruit Baskets are Perfect for Summer Entertaining

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Summer means lots of barbecues, picnics and other outdoor events. Make citrus fruit baskets a part of your summer celebrations. Summer events with family and friends are a great time to relax. But decorating for outdoor events in hot weather can be tricky. Finding delicious foods and drinks that be served outdoors and stand up well to the hot weather is even trickier. Citrus fruit baskets can be used as both beautiful decorations and convenient snacks. Affordable fruit baskets are great for any budget and make cleaning up after an event easy and fast.

Citrus fruit baskets filled with seasonal fresh Florida fruit are perfect for gatherings. You can place fruit baskets anywhere, even by the pool. Citrus fruit will stay fresh and inviting even in the hottest weather. Plus, fresh orange juice and grapefruit juice packed with Vitamin C and other minerals will fight off dehydration. If you’re serving alcohol fresh citrus juice in cocktails will add a burst of flavor that your guests will love. There is someone for everyone in a mixed fruit basket. If you really want to add some fun to the party get a gift tower filled with all kinds of delicious snacks as well as fruit. Your party shopping can be done in just a few mouse clicks.

Citrus fruit baskets also make it easy to create wonderful summer drinks. You can use fresh juice from oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit to create wonderful summer punches and cocktails. To keep your punch cool on a hot day fill a bowl with a refreshing sorbet made from grapefruit juice and orange juice mixed together and pour the punch over the top of the sorbet. As the sorbet melts it will infuse the punch with a sweet citrus flavor that your friends and family members will love. Kids love having special citrus fruit punch made just for them. You can feel good about giving them drinks made from naturally sweet fresh citrus fruit too.

Ordering citrus fruit baskets is a breeze too. You can order online at anytime of the day or night. Your fruit baskets will be shipped immediately so that fruit is as fresh as possible. Seasonal fruit straight from the grove is sure to be a hit at any party. Or you can just order some fruit baskets for casual get togethers or family dinners. Simply sweet and healthy Florida fruit is appropriate for any occasion.

Florida Oranges Are Part of a Healthy Diet

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Are you trying some of the trendy diets like the Paleo Diet? Or are you eating Gluten Free? Regardless of what type of diet you are following Florida oranges should be part of your daily diet. Florida oranges are naturally gluten free and are part of the Paleo Diet. Citrus fruit is also very low in calories. Most oranges have less than 80 calories each. Fresh fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. Eating fresh citrus fruit daily will help you stay healthy throughout the year.

The number one reason why people say they don’t eat healthy is because it’s not convenient. They say it’s much easier to eat out or eat snacks from the vending machine instead of packing healthy snacks. But Florida oranges make it easy to eat healthy even when you’re busy. Oranges and other citrus fruits come with their own wrapper. That layer of thick rind means that you can take oranges, tangerines and other fruit anywhere. Even if it falls on the ground you can still eat it. You can leave oranges in the car or in your desk at work and they will stay fresh and delicious. You can use fresh orange juice in smoothies or other quick breakfasts if you are rushing out the door. Peel a Florida orange and mix some of the fresh juice and a few segments into a cup of Greek yogurt and you get a quick and healthy breakfast that you can eat in the car or on the train.

The truth is that it’s easy to eat healthy if you make it a priority. Fresh citrus fruit is a great way to the vitamins and minerals that you need. It’s also a smart way to trick your body into thinking that you are eating something bad for you because oranges are so sweet and tasty. Substitute a fresh orange for your afternoon candy bar and you will be amazed at how much natural energy you have. A piece of citrus fruit is the best type of snack that you can eat because it will give you the energy you need without a lot of calories. And naturally sweet oranges don’t have processed sugar which means you won’t have to struggle with the fatigue that comes after a sugar rush. Keep plenty of Florida oranges in your pantry and keep eating healthy.

Delicious Orange Treats for Summer

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Summer is coming which means it’s time to start thinking about healthy summer snacks. You can use fresh oranges and citrus fruit to create healthy treats everyone will love. No one wants to spend a lot of time cooking or baking when the weather is great. But with lots of picnics, barbecues and summer parties coming up you will need to be making some cool summer desserts. You also will need healthy but delicious and cool treats for the kids when they are out of school. Here are some easy to make summer treats that are made with real Florida oranges so you know they are healthy as well as tasty.

Orange popsicles – Kids love popsicles in the summer but popsicles have a lot of sugar. You can make natural popsicles by squeezing fresh orange juice into plastic popsicle molds and freezing them. You can also mix orange juice with other types of fruit juice to create different flavors. If you don’t have popsicle molds you can also use ice cube trays. Just pour the fresh orange juice into the ice cube tray, cover the top with plastic wrap, stick a popsicle stick or toothpick into each cube and then freeze. These frozen treats are fantastic for birthday parties.

Citrus sorbet – sorbet is perfect anytime of the day. A light orange sorbet is a cooling treat on a hot summer night. It also is fantastic for dinner parties. If you want to keep punch or drinks cool at summer parties you can fill a punch bowl with orange sorbet which will slowly melt into the punch adding a refreshing hit of citrus. To make sorbet you can use an ice cream maker. You can also make it by hand by boiling sugar and water together to get a simple syrup. Add plenty of fresh orange or even grapefruit juice and then refrigerate in a very cold refrigerator until it has the consistency of slush. If you want to freeze it add a touch of alcohol like vodka to the mixture to keep it from becoming a solid block of orange ice.

Candied orange peel – Even though most people think of candied orange peel as a Christmas food you can make candied orange peel or candied grapefruit peel as a summer dessert as well. The light and crisp taste of the candied fruit peel is a nice change from heavy chocolate desserts.