New Year’s Gift Fruit Baskets

Grove Fruit BasketThere are so many different types of fruit gift baskets. You are guaranteed fresh fruit and a professional arrangement, but that is not all. Your payment information is always safe, and customer service is committed to excellence. Gift basket fruit makes the perfect gift for anyone. Buy online from a reputable company and a name you can trust so that when you schedule a fruit gift basket delivery, you can count on it being on time.

If you are meeting the parents, going to a dinner party or just want to say thank you, then a gift fruit basket is the perfect solution. Why not do something a little different and unique? Not everyone likes chocolate, and some household members may be allergic to flowers. A fruit gift basket is a great way to play it safe while still showing up with a gorgeous and healthy gift.

The hassle of trying to find the perfect gift can me made easy with a holiday fruit basket. There is nothing more stressful than trying to shop for people throughout the holidays. It doesn’t have to be! Gift fruit baskets are the perfect gifting solution for anyone. The best part is that it has never been easier to order fruit baskets online, especially when customer service will go above and beyond to answer any questions that you may have. Only the best fruit is used for every basket, so the fruit will always be tasty, juicy and delicious.

Put the fun back into shopping for people, and go with a gift that you know they will love time and time again. Fruit gift baskets are wonderful items that everyone will adore. They wont end up on the shelf collecting dust, and you are not going to have to worry about getting them something that they already have. It is an easy and affordable way to keep everyone happy no matter the occasion. If you are looking to buy fruit gifts baskets, search online for expert gift basket companies to buy a fruit basket today and choose from delicious fruit baskets gift selections

Inside a Holiday Fruit Gift Basket

Where is the fruit grown? 

irgrovesCitrus fruit thrives best in warm climates with abundant sunlight and fertile soil. States such as California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida all have mild winters and humid summers, which are ideal environments for growing. Florida growers produce their fruit along the Indian River in the mid-southern parts of Florida. The Indian River Lagoon is known for its diverse habitat and thriving ecosystem, covering nearly 30% of Florida’s Atlantic coast. Because Florida offers a sustainable year-round climate for the fruit, a fresh fruit basket is just a click away if you’re ordering across the country. You can order fruit basket gifts today and expect a speedy delivery.

How are they packaged? 

Fruit baskets must be packaged with care so that the items are not bruised, mushy, or tossed around upon arrival. Fruit must also be picked just as they are ripening to avoid rotting. Each piece of fruit is wrapped individually, typically with a foam wrap or bubble wrap. The bottom of the box is also covered with a soft, foam layer, just in case the box is dropped or handled poorly by accident. Many fruit baskets include shredded paper for cushioning to take up the negative space. Basket fruit items sent by expert growers won’t budge!

Will the quality and freshness last?

Yes, absolutely! Because the premium fruit is picked at its peak freshness and still ripening, by the time they are shipped, the fruit will be ready to eat, and can certainly last you longer. All orders are made on the spot in order of arrival.

What kinds of fruit gift baskets can I purchase?

There are many kinds of fruit baskets available, from holiday fruit baskets, birthday celebration baskets, to simple “thank you” gifts for those with a sweet tooth. Fruit baskets for Christmas are especially popular since all at holiday parties can enjoy them. You can order strictly fruit, or choose a gift fruit basket with chocolate treats, cookies, nuts, and jams. Smart growers have a Pick-Your-Own option, which allows you to customize your order with a personal touch.


Eat Grapefruit as Part of Your Weight Loss Plan

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grapefruitIt’s no secret to anyone who has ever tried the Grapefruit Diet that grapefruit is a delicious way to enjoy losing weight. Grapefruit’s weight loss benefits come in many different ways. Here are four reasons why eating grapefruit helps you lose weight. 

1. Grapefruit is full of fiber.

One grapefruit has 4 grams of dietary fiber. Fiber is a substance found in certain foods that is not absorbed into your system when you eat. Instead, it helps push food through your body and increases your feeling of satiety, thereby helping you eat less while maintaining a healthy metabolism. Substitute your normal bowl of cereal with one grapefruit each morning at breakfast to lose weight. When you chose the Ruby Red Grapefruit variety, you’ll find you don’t need to add sugar for it to taste naturally sweet.

2. Grapefruit juice improves weight loss.

In a recent study conducted at UC Berkeley, mice that were fed grapefruit juice gained 18% less weight on a high-fat diet than another group that didn’t ingest grapefruit juice. This suggests that compounds in grapefruit juice, even without the fiber and pulp, help to breakdown fat stores in the body. It’s easy to juice Florida grapefruit. Just cut in half and process with a hand or electric juicer. Ruby Red grapefruit provides a combination of sweetness and tang that dieters enjoy.

3. Grapefruits make a great meal replacement.

Dieters who replaced one meal a day with grapefruit report feeling full and satisfied. If you suffer from mid-day fatigue or hunger, snacking on a grapefruit instead of junk food provides enough fiber to fill you, and sugar to give you an energy boost. In addition, the citrus flavor of grapefruit improves your mental clarity.

4. Grapefruits are low in calories.

One standard size Indian River Grapefruit has only about 100 calories. You’d be hard pressed to find many delicious snacks that compare to that number. For a delicious, guilt-free snack, try dehydrating some grapefruit slices. You can store them in bags and rely on them while on the road, to satisfy your hunger until you can get home to a healthy meal choice. Dried grapefruit is a terrific alternative to chips in your child’s lunch box, too. Grapefruit gifts for yourself or someone else are a wonderful way to express your love. Share the healthful benefits of grapefruit with your friends and family today.