The Most Popular Grapefruit Varieties

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Grapefruit is one of the healthiest fruits you can eat. There are several different grapefruit varieties you can choose from. Each one has a unique taste so you can mix the different varieties and never get bored. The health benefits of grapefruit are the same no matter what type of grapefruit you are eating, although some types have more of certain vitamins and minerals than others. Grapefruit can interact badly with statin drugs and some other prescription medications so if you are taking prescription medications regularly you should check with your doctor or pharmacist before adding grapefruit to your diet. The most popular grapefruit varieties include:

Ruby Red grapefruit – Ruby Red grapefruit has a rich taste that is great for eating grilled. The Ruby Red color comes from Lycopene. Lycopene has a wide range of health benefits, including fighting cancer. Lycopene is the same thing that gives tomatoes a red color. Eating Ruby Red grapefruit can actually lower your risk of developing some types of cancer. Eating Ruby Red grapefruit everyday is a great way to keep yourself healthy and lower your risk of some very serious diseases.

Pink grapefruit – Pink grapefruit also contains a higher than average amount of Lycopene but pink grapefruit has a much sweeter flavor. Pink grapefruit juice is often used in beverages like lemonade because it is naturally sweet and delicious but also packed with vitamins and minerals. Pink grapefruit is also used to scent a lot of natural cleaning products and home air fresheners because it smells light and refreshing without being overpowering. Natural pink grapefruit juice is also used to flavor natural lip balm because it has anti-oxidants which are good for lips and the juice tastes great. Pink grapefruit is the most popular type of grapefruit because it has a mild and sweet flavor.v

White grapefruit – White grapefruit has a slight bitter and tangy taste. If you don’t like foods that are very sweet you will love white grapefruit. White grapefruit juice is used a lot in cocktails and other drinks to provide some flavor without a lot of sweetness. White grapefruit juice mixes very well with iced white tea and other light beverages. White grapefruit juice and sparkling water is a deliciously refreshing beverage on a hot day.

There are grapefruit varieties that will appeal to every taste so don’t wait to start eating grapefruit. Healthy and delicious grapefruit is a great way to eat smart and still eat food that tastes great.

White Grapefruit is a Healthy Snack

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It can be hard to find healthy snacks that aren’t too expensive and fit into a busy lifestyle. White grapefruit and other citrus fruits are the ideal healthy eats for people of all ages. No matter what your budget is or how fast paced your life is, citrus fruit is the answer when you want a healthy snack. White grapefruit and other fruits like oranges are packed full of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Just one fruit can provide an entire day’s worth of Potassium, Vitamin C, and other minerals.

Citrus fruit is one of the most portable snacks you can buy. Take them with you in a car, on a bike, or commuting to work or school on the train. It is perfect for school lunches and afterschool snacks. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated or necessarily requires utensils to eat.

Here are some tips on  grapefruit:


Eat fresh, as an addition in fruit salads, cooking recipes, beverages and desserts. White grapefruit is an exceptional fruit to juice with its high vitamin C, and delicious tart flavor.


Good quality grapefruit have a smooth, firm and shiny skin. Pick the ones that are medium to large size, and avoid fruit extremely soft or lightweight for its size. Most white grapefruit will have a rich to pale yellow coloring.


Overall, you don’t need to refrigerate citrus if it will be consumed quickly, but it will last longer when refrigerated. Store any remaining fruit in the refrigerator to extend their shelf life.


White Grapefruit is low in Cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium. It’s also a great source of fiber and Potassium, as well as an excellent source of Vitamin C. Overall, citrus fruit is jam-packed with anti-oxidants that will recharge your immune system and help your body repair itself. Eating citrus fruit is a fast and easy way to give your body what it needs to stay healthy.

A great way to be sure that your kitchen is always stocked with healthy and delicious, sweet white grapefruit is to order boxes of fresh citrus fruit online.


Eat Healthy: Eat White Grapefruit

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Eating healthy is something that everyone wants to do but not enough people do. People usually stop eating healthy because they think healthy food can’t be delicious. But when you eat citrus fruit like white grapefruit, a healthy diet can be absolutely delicious. White grapefruit have a wide range of health benefits like lowering cholesterol and helping with weight loss. They are in season and usually available  November through April, a great healthy snack to keep in the pantry during this time.

Here are just a few ways you can add healthy white grapefruit to your diet:

Slice grapefruit and add it to water – Fresh fruit infused water are one of the hottest healthy eating trend, as people are trying to give up unhealthy sodas and drinks filled with sugar. Plain water just doesn’t appeal to everyone. You can get a lot of the benefits associated with eating grapefruit by slicing white grapefruit and adding the slices to water either in a pitcher or in a travel mug. The fruit will infuse the water with vitamins and minerals and it will make it taste refreshenly great. If you want to spice up your routine a little, you can add pink or Ruby Red grapefruit slices to the white grapefruit and mix up flavors.

Bake it for breakfast – White grapefruit has the perfect texture for baking. Baked grapefruit is a healthy breakfast that has less than 100 calories and lots of healthy fiber. Eating fiber for breakfast will help you feel full until lunchtime. Just slice a white grapefruit in half, place it flesh side up on a baking sheet and bake it in the oven until it is soft. If it is a little too tart for you, then you can add brown sugar to sweeten it. But baking it will bring out the natural sweetness in the fruit and you may not need to add sugar.

Drink the juice after a workout – Give your workout a boost by drinking white grapefruit juice afterward instead of water. The juice is full of anti-oxidants that will help your body repair damaged soft tissue and muscle and your body will use the vitamins and minerals in the juice for fuel. Recharge with grapefruit juice after you exercise and you won’t feel the after-workout-energy-slump an hour later. The grapefruit juice will keep you going for hours in a healthy way.

Tips for Starting the Grapefruit Diet

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Tips for Starting the Grapefruit Diet

Starting a new diet, even the grapefruit diet, can be tough. The grapefruit diet is designed to be a short term weight loss solution and isn’t an ongoing diet so you don’t have to change the way you eat totally. But it still can be difficult to make the commitment to start a diet to lose weight and look and feel better. The grapefruit diet has been proven over and over to help people lose up to ten pounds in two weeks because of the natural fat burning enzymes in grapefruit so if you stay on the diet for two weeks you will almost certainly lose at least a few pounds. If you have trouble starting a new diet even though you know you should here are some tips from diet and nutrition experts to help you get started:

Pick a date – You are more likely to start your diet, and stay on it, when you have a set time to begin. Pick a date that works for you and circle it on the calendar. Write “diet” on that calendar day and each day for the next two weeks. Each day as you check off that day on the calendar you’ll be more likely to stay on the diet. Studies have shown that the simple act of writing down the things you want to accomplish on a calendar really can motivate you to make those things happen.

Prepare in advance – You’re going to be eating a lot of grapefruit on this diet. You will be eating a half of a grapefruit before every meal and eating grapefruit for snacks too. If you have to constantly run to the store to get grapefruit you will make up excuses not to go and you will go off the diet. Order a box of fresh grapefruit in advance so you have plenty on hand. You also should order grapefruit so that you’re getting the best tasting grapefruit possible instead of the fruit from the local supermarket which is usually not very fresh. When you have to eat a lot of something it’s easier to eat if it tastes great.

Tell your family and friends about your plans – Telling your friends and family that you’re going to start the grapefruit diet will make it more likely that actually will because they will ask you about it and keep you accountable for being on it. Tell your friends and family members to ask you how it’s going and to bring it up when they talk to you so that you won’t be tempted to not start once you’ve set a start date.

The Skinny on the Grapefruit Diet

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The Skinny on the Grapefruit Diet
The grapefruit diet is a famous diet that was started in the 1930’s. Unlike most of today’s fad diets the grapefruit diet has been proven in medical studies to work, which is one reason why it’s as popular today as it was back then. If you want to lose up to ten pounds in less than two weeks the grapefruit way is a great way to do it. But, if you want to lose more weight than that you should add grapefruit to your diet everyday because grapefruit has a natural fat burning enzyme that other fruits don’t have. Grapefruit is also full of healthy fiber, which will help you stay full and not feel hungry throughout the day. Most grapefruits have less than 90 calories and will keep you full for hours, making them a perfect snack for busy days when you won’t have a lot of time to eat.
On the grapefruit diet you eat one half of a grapefruit before every meal. This will help you get full faster and eat less during your meal. Adding grapefruit as a snack to your daily routine will help you burn fat and stay full. You can also drink grapefruit juice to get the amazing health benefits of grapefruit juice although in order for the diet to work you need to eat the half grapefruit before each meal. If you’ve been putting off starting the grapefruit diet because you think that you’ll get bored eating grapefruit before every meal don’t put it off any longer. There are lots of ways you can prepare the grapefruit to make it more appetizing. Baked grapefruit is warm and hearty for cold days and tastes great. Simply cut a grapefruit in half, put some butter on the top of each half, and bake the halves in the oven for 10-20 minutes at 350 degrees. This is a wonderful grapefruit breakfast even after you have finished the grapefruit diet.
After the suggested twelve days of doing the grapefruit diet you can go back and do the diet again, but you should take at least a week off and eat normally before you start the diet again. Diet experts warn that staying on the grapefruit diet indefinitely can cause nutritional deficiencies that can make you sick. So don’t do the diet for more than twelve days at a time. You can always do it again if you need to after your body has had a chance to stock up the nutrients it needs.

The Grapefruit Diet and Exercise will Get you in Shape in No Time

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The Grapefruit Diet and Exercise will Get you in Shape in No Time

If you want to start the New Year off on the right foot use the grapefruit diet and exercise to kick start your weight loss. The grapefruit diet is an easy way to lose up to ten pounds in twelve days, and losing that weight should inspire you to keep going. Doctors don’t advise that you do the grapefruit diet for more than twelve days at a time but a healthy eating regimen that includes fat burning grapefruit and a good exercise regimen will keep you losing weight and getting fit. Grapefruit is essential when you’re trying to lose weight because it has less than 90 calories and is packed with fiber that will help you feel full and not hungry all day. Having a grapefruit before you go work out will give your muscles the nutrients they need to perform well without a lot of sugar or calories.

Exercise is an important part of ongoing weight loss even if you have early success using the grapefruit diet. Muscle burns more calories than fat so the more muscular you are the more calories you burn just doing everyday things. Weight training and at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise three times a week or more will help you get fit and healthy and it will help your body burn more calories even when you’re not working out. Citrus fruits like grapefruit and oranges contain the nutrients that your body needs to repair damaged soft tissue and flush toxins from your cells so eating citrus fruit after you workout will help keep your body strong while you get used to a new exercise routine.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up everything that tastes good, it just means that you need to approach food differently. A baked grapefruit for breakfast can be just as hearty as a bagel for breakfast but the grapefruit has half of the calories in the bagel and will keep you full all morning just like the bagel would. A grapefruit or orange as a snack instead of a candy bar or doughnut will fill you up until your next meal without the sugar crash that will come from eating a lot of processed sugar. Making smarter food choices that include fresh oranges and grapefruit along with making an effort to work out at least three times a week will help you lose all the weight you want.

The Best Homemade Grapefruit Cleaning Products

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The Best Homemade Grapefruit Cleaning Products
Making your own homemade grapefruit cleaning products costs pennies on the dollar and will leave your home just as clean as chemical based cleaners. Homemade grapefruit cleaning products are also much safer to use around pets and small children than chemical based cleaners. Think about it. Your kids and your pets are close to the floor and are the ones most affected by the fumes and residue from chemical based cleaners. Your pets will lick that residue off their paws everyday, and your kids will inhale it, get it on their hands and feet and their clothes. Making the switch to homemade cleaning products is easy and you can do it with just a few natural ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need:
Fresh grapefruit- Grapefruit juice smells wonderful and it has natural antibacterial properties. Adding grapefruit juice to your homemade cleaners will boost their cleaning power and give them a beautiful fresh scent. Make sure that you order a large box of fresh grapefruit so you have plenty on hand. If you want to mix up your own scents order a box of assorted types of grapefruit and a box of fresh oranges so that you can experiment with the proportions of juice and create your own signature citrus scent for your homemade cleaning products.
Vinegar – Distilled white vinegar costs a dollar or less in many areas and it’s one of the best natural cleaning agents you can buy. You can use it on floors, counters, windows, rugs, furniture and every other surface in your home. This natural cleaner will break up any organic stains, including pet urine, and is totally safe to use around your kids and pets. The smell of vinegar can be strong so mixing white vinegar with fresh grapefruit juice or fresh orange juice, hot water, and a drop of natural detergent will give you a great all purpose cleaner that smells sweet and refreshing.
Baking soda – Baking soda is also cheap, and makes a wonderful scrub. Mix baking soda with hot water to make a scrub that has a paste like consistency. Baking soda is a wonderful scrub for the bathtub and toilet, and works just as well on kitchen counters and sinks. Baking soda will get rid of odors in your laundry too. If you find that baking soda doesn’t have enough scrubbing power for tough stains or stuck on messes you can mix regular table salt into the paste for increased scrub power.

Party Pumping Grapefruit Drinks for Holiday Parties

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Party Pumping Grapefruit Drinks for Holiday Parties

This year add some grapefruit drinks to your holiday party menu. Grapefruit juice is light and refreshing and will bring balance to heavy and rich holiday desserts and savory meals. Grapefruit drinks without alcohol are always great to have on hand for children and for guests who don’t want to consume alcohol at the party. These beautiful and fun grapefruit drinks will be a huge hit with your friends and family members at holiday parties this year:

Grapefruit Margarita – You can make these with tequila or without, if you want to serve them to kids or guests who don’t drink alcohol. These are also fabulous for birthday parties or when you have your friends over for an evening of fun. To make these you will need pink or white sanding sugar, limes, and a lot of fresh pink grapefruit. First make a simple syrup by boiling together some grapefruit juice and sugar. Then pour about a cup of fresh grapefruit juice into a blender with some ice. Blend until the mixture has a great slushy consistency. Mix the cold juice and ice mixture with a few teaspoons of the simple syrup. Add tequila if you want. Blend everything together thoroughly and pour into a glass that has been rimmed with the sugar. Garnish with a fresh lime and you have a delicious and refreshing drink.

Grapefruit Cider Punch – This easy to make seasonal punk will get a lot of attention from your guests. Mix equal parts fresh apple cider and fresh grapefruit juice, then add ginger ale or club soda and ice. The taste is light and sparkling but still has a familiar seasonal taste thanks to the cider. The grapefruit juice will bring out the tanginess of the cider and make it taste rich and delicious. You can make this an alcoholic punch by adding vodka to the mix, but you can also serve it without alcohol. Garnish with candied grapefruit for a sweet touch.

Cranberry Grapefruit Cocktail – This drink has a seasonal taste but also has a nice edge thanks to the addition of vanilla vodka. Boil grapefruit juice and sugar to make simple syrup. Mix the syrup with cranberry juice and a little vanilla vodka. If you want to give the drink a nice consistency add some cranberries blended with ice to the glass and garnish with a sprig of mint. If you want to make the drink without alcohol you can add a touch of grated vanilla bean to the drink to get the bite of the vanilla in the flavor.

New Household Uses for Grapefruit

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New Household Uses for Grapefruit

Grapefruit tastes delicious and is super healthy, but you can also use it in many ways around the house and to take care of your skin. Grapefruit is a natural antibacterial agent and the wonderful smell of fresh grapefruit juice can be very uplifting. Many commercial cleaners and skin care products use grapefruit scent because it’s light and sweet and not overpowering, but you can use fresh grapefruit juice to get the same scent without using chemical based products. Here are just a few of the innovative ways you can use fresh grapefruit around your home that you might never have thought of:

To scent your home – Instead of using dangerous candles that often have sickly sweet scents that can cause headaches when you want to make your whole home smell fresh and inviting pour a cup of fresh grapefruit juice and a half of a cup of water into a small saucepan and simmer it on the stove. You will love the wonderful scent of fresh grapefruit wafting throughout your home.

To scent your laundry – Mix fresh grapefruit juice with distilled water in a spray bottle and mist your towels, linens, curtains, and clothes. The water will evaporate as it dries leaving a sweet grapefruit scent. To make the scent even more unique you can mix juice from several types of grapefruits like white grapefruit and pink grapefruit. Or mix ruby red grapefruit juice and fresh orange juice.

To keep animals out of your garden and plants – Cats in particular hate citrus scents, so placing a small mesh bag filled with grapefruit and orange rinds around your outdoor plants or along your fence line will discourage neighborhood animals from coming into your garden. You can also bury some of the grapefruit and orange rinds in the soil around the plants. As the rinds break down they will boost the nutrition in the soil which will help the plants grow.

To exfoliate your skin- Instead of spending a fortune on expensive skin products you can make your own healthy and natural skin exfoliating scrub. Mix some granulated sugar and about a cup of fresh grapefruit juice with a little grapeseed or olive oil and use in the shower on your whole body, especially your feet. The grapefruit juice will revive your spirits and tone and tighten your skin and the sugar will gently exfoliate. This easy to make scrub is even safe to use on your face.

Making the Grapefruit Diet Work with a Busy Lifestyle

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Making the Grapefruit Diet Work with a Busy Lifestyle
The grapefruit diet has been proven to help people lose up to ten pounds in just under two weeks, but a lot of people think that the diet is hard to manage and find it tough to make it work with their busy lifestyle. To make the grapefruit diet work it’s necessary to eat a half of a grapefruit before every meal. People who work long hours or are busy running their kids to and from school and activities may not get the chance to eat regular meals which makes following the diet difficult. But you can still try the grapefruit diet even if you have an extremely busy life. Here are some tips from diet experts on how to follow the grapefruit diet no matter how busy you are:
Keep grapefruit with you – Grapefruits, like oranges and other citrus fruits, are very portable. They don’t need to be refrigerated and their skin protects them from bumps and bruises. You can peel a grapefruit and eat half the segments if you’re on the go and can’t eat a sliced grapefruit. You can also wrap the leftover segments in a baggie to keep with you for your next meal, whenever you get a chance to eat. Keep a few grapefruit and a baggie or too in the glovebox of the car, in your desk drawer, or in your purse so that you have a grapefruit with you at all times.
Stock up on grapefruit before you start – You probably don’t have time to run to the store all the time to get the grapefruit you’re going to need to complete the diet. Order a large box of ruby red grapefruit ahead of time so that you have all the grapefruit that you’re going to need and won’t have to be constantly running to the store. If you want to get some delicious fresh citrus fruit for your family order a box of assorted fruits that contains oranges and tangerines as well as grapefruit.
Work grapefruit into the meal you’re making – If you’re making a hot dinner try slicing a grapefruit and putting the halves in the oven with a little butter on them for a few minutes and eating one of the baked halves to fulfill the diet requirements. If you’re making smoothies for breakfast use grapefruit juice instead of water in the smoothies and eat the flesh of the juiced grapefruit while you’re making the smoothies. Incorporate the grapefruit into the meal makes it more likely you’ll eat the half you need to eat before you eat the meal.

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