Eat Grapefruit as Part of Your Weight Loss Plan

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grapefruitIt’s no secret to anyone who has ever tried the Grapefruit Diet that grapefruit is a delicious way to enjoy losing weight. Grapefruit’s weight loss benefits come in many different ways. Here are four reasons why eating grapefruit helps you lose weight. 

1. Grapefruit is full of fiber.

One grapefruit has 4 grams of dietary fiber. Fiber is a substance found in certain foods that is not absorbed into your system when you eat. Instead, it helps push food through your body and increases your feeling of satiety, thereby helping you eat less while maintaining a healthy metabolism. Substitute your normal bowl of cereal with one grapefruit each morning at breakfast to lose weight. When you chose the Ruby Red Grapefruit variety, you’ll find you don’t need to add sugar for it to taste naturally sweet.

2. Grapefruit juice improves weight loss.

In a recent study conducted at UC Berkeley, mice that were fed grapefruit juice gained 18% less weight on a high-fat diet than another group that didn’t ingest grapefruit juice. This suggests that compounds in grapefruit juice, even without the fiber and pulp, help to breakdown fat stores in the body. It’s easy to juice Florida grapefruit. Just cut in half and process with a hand or electric juicer. Ruby Red grapefruit provides a combination of sweetness and tang that dieters enjoy.

3. Grapefruits make a great meal replacement.

Dieters who replaced one meal a day with grapefruit report feeling full and satisfied. If you suffer from mid-day fatigue or hunger, snacking on a grapefruit instead of junk food provides enough fiber to fill you, and sugar to give you an energy boost. In addition, the citrus flavor of grapefruit improves your mental clarity.

4. Grapefruits are low in calories.

One standard size Indian River Grapefruit has only about 100 calories. You’d be hard pressed to find many delicious snacks that compare to that number. For a delicious, guilt-free snack, try dehydrating some grapefruit slices. You can store them in bags and rely on them while on the road, to satisfy your hunger until you can get home to a healthy meal choice. Dried grapefruit is a terrific alternative to chips in your child’s lunch box, too. Grapefruit gifts for yourself or someone else are a wonderful way to express your love. Share the healthful benefits of grapefruit with your friends and family today.

Where to Find the Best Fruit Baskets for The Holidays

Fruit baskets are gifts that are commonly associated with Christmas. Ever since people started celebrating Christmas fresh fruit has been a part of the celebration. Giving fresh fruit is also a great way to give a healthy gift when people are already surrounded by sugary sweets and treats. Originally fruit was given as Christmas gifts because it was healthy, sweet, and hard to get during the winter.  Keeping the tradition of giving fruit alive by giving fruit baskets is very important to a lot of people. If you want to find the best fruit gifts for your friends and family these are the best websites to buy fruit baskets from:

Hale Groves— If you want the best quality citrus fruit in the fruit gifts you give order from Hale Groves. Famous for great quality and great service Hale Groves is the best place to get fruit baskets for the holidays. All of the fruit is grown in the Indian River fruit district. It’s picked just before shipment so it’s always fresh. Hale Groves’ fruit is very affordable. There are fruit baskets in every price range from budget friendly baskets of oranges and grapefruit to luxury baskets filled with Honeybells, Clementines and other high-end gifts. You can also customize baskets by adding on items like fresh fruit preserves or cakes. The best holiday fruit baskets come from Hale Groves.

Edible Arrangements— Edible Arrangements fruit baskets are great for the holidays. They offer several types of fruit baskets that contain everything from simple fruit assortments to chocolate dipped tropical fruit. They also offer other types of gift baskets that contain unique treats. Edible Arrangements are great for budget conscious shoppers. Just be aware that the fruit baskets don’t contain a lot of fruit in most cases unless you spend a lot of money. Chocolate dipped fruit and other treats also may be subject to special shipping regulations based on factors like the time of the year or the shipment address.

Harry and David— Harry and David fruit baskets filled with their signature pears are as much a part of Christmas as oranges in the Christmas stockings. Leave a few Harry and David pears out for Santa instead of cookies if Santa is on a healthy diet this year. The juicy and sweet taste of Harry and David pears will make Santa’s day. Harry and David fruit baskets can be expensive, but their pears and other fruits are always high quality.

Make Citrus Fruit A Part of Your Fitness Plan

A new year is a clean slate for everyone, and the perfect time to begin new diet and new exercise commitments. If you’re trying to boost your body’s metabolism while helping build healthy muscles and tissues, citrus fruit remains one of the most effective ways of making sure your body has the fuel it needs.

The most common- and popular – forms of citrus fruit include the orange, grapefruit, and tangerine. Another hybrid citrus fruit, the tangelo, combines the tangerine with the pomelo or grapefruit to blend the benefits of both together.

Simple Origins Produce Big Results

Honeybell tangelos – so named for their bell shape – are also called Minneola tangelos. They were first bred in Minneola, Florida in the 1930s. The farmers of the area wanted to combine the two popular citrus fruits so that the nutritional value could be kept from both but that would produce a sweeter, more robust juice.

Their hard work paid off. The honeybell tangelo is one of the juiciest, tastiest of the citrus fruits. It’s also rich in important vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. In fact, it’s so rich in nutritional value that many of its fans call its juice “multivitamin in a glass.”

Plentiful Nutrition

Honeybell tangelos are rich in both Vitamin A and Vitamin C, meaning they’re a great means of building the body’s immune system. These vitamins also help the body more quickly and efficiently convert fuel into energy.

The pulp of the honeybell tangelo is rich in protein and fiber, which are vital ingredients to healthy muscles and tissues. Finally, tangelos also pack plenty of calcium to help develop good bone and teeth strength.

Plentiful Taste

Tangelos have a sweet, full-bodied taste that comes in part from their carefully bred hybrid makeup. One honeybell tangelo packs plenty of juice, too, offering one of the most succulent citrus fruits available. They’re so flavorful and robust, in fact, that they can even serve as a filling breakfast or afternoon snack all by themselves.

But Don’t Wait

Honeybells actually have a very short harvest season, occurring for just a few weeks each January and February. Hale Groves’ farms, located in central Florida, can ship gift baskets and cases nationwide. Please allow ample processing and delivery time when placing your order, as shipping can sometimes be delayed by inclement weather.

Lose Weight with Florida Grapefruit

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One of the easiest ways to lose weight is also healthy. Eating fresh Florida grapefruit will help you lose weight and stay healthy. You don’t need to spend a fortune on special pre-packaged meals or starve yourself. Buy some delicious and all natural grapefruit and snack your way to your ideal weight. Lots of foods promise to help you lose weight but there is actual medical research that shows eating grapefruit does promote weight loss. Great tasting Florida grapefruit and other low calorie citrus fruits are the ideal diet foods.

Grapefruits are low in calories but that’s not the only way that grapefruit helps you lose weight. Grapefruit contains a natural fat burning enzyme that will help you burn stored fat for energy. Also it has a lot of fiber. Fiber makes you feel full and eat less. So eating a grapefruit before each meal will give you a boost of energy and the vitamins and minerals you need while helping you eat less. That’s why the Grapefruit Diet is so successful and has been used for over forty years to help people lose weight.

Grapefruit isn’t just for breakfast either. You can use grapefruit and other citrus fruits like oranges or tangerines to create delicious snacks and desserts that will help you lose weight. Grilled grapefruit is a fantastic treat for brunch. Sorbets and low calorie ice creams flavored with citrus fruits are a nice treat. You can also use fresh juice in everything from smoothies to baking. Fresh juice in sauces adds brightness to the flavor and natural sweetness.

Eating refined sugar is bad for your body because your body can’t break down the sugar into energy. Most of the things that you eat containing processed sugar end up stored as fat because your body can’t get use it for energy. When you sweeten dishes with natural grapefruit or orange juice your body can easily break that down so those foods don’t end up causing you to gain weight.

If you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight add some fresh grapefruit to your daily diet. You can eat all of the grapefruit you want and still lose weight. Buy plenty of grapefruit to keep in your home, at your desk, and in your car so that you always have a healthy low calorie snack close by if you need one.

Tips on Growing Organic Citrus Fruit

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Over the last decade more and more consumers have demanded organically produce meat, dairy, produce and citrus products.  Organic products are healthier for consumers, and better for the environment. Most people who eat a lot of organic food swear that organic food, especially product like citrus fruit and dairy products, taste much better than other food.  Because of these benefits most customers who want organic citrus products are willing to pay a premium price for items that have been certified organic. But what does “organic” really mean? 

When a food item is certified organic it means that an overseeing FDA agency has looked at the farmer’s farming methods, checked out the pest control methods that were used on the item, made sure that no chemical fertilizers were used on the item, and that the item was grown in accordance with the rules and regulations that govern organic farming. Some famers claim their fruit is grown organically but have not been certified as organic farms which means that no outside agency has verified their claims of using only natural products to produce the fruit.

When it comes to citrus fruits “organic” refers to how the fruit is grown.  Organic farming uses only natural pest control and fertilizers and never uses chemical weedkillers or pest killers on the citrus trees as they are growing.  Fertilizers are usually mixed right on the premises and consist of potting soil, compost, hay, and other natural materials.  Growing citrus organically presents some unique challenges to citrus farmers because of the processes that they need to use in order to control pests and fertilize their citrus trees.

When people think of a citrus grove they usually think of a commercially managed grove full of well manicured citrus trees, but an organic citrus grove is a little more chaotic looking than a traditional commercial grove.  An organic citrus grove will usually have some type of ground cover plant hovering near the trees and there will be weeds everywhere. Weeds and ground cover encourage insects which are the natural predators of insects that destroy citrus trees to make their homes in the grove. Then those insects keep the pests that would ruin the citrus trees under control which eliminates the need for commercial pest control.  The ground cover plants also help insulate the citrus trees in case there is a cold snap or some other inclement weather that could damage the trees.

Another problem that organic citrus farmers face is the issue of how their final products look.  Commercially grown fruit is treated with preservatives and often covered with a thin layer of wax to prevent damage and to make it look more attractive. Organic fruit doesn’t have those cosmetic touches. Some buyers are put off by citrus fruit that can have dents or minor cosmetic flaws even though the organic fruit is healthier for consumers to eat.  Without preservatives organic fruit also must be rushed from the field to the market, which increases the cost of the fruit.  Even though organic farming is more time intensive and more expensive, which means the final product is more expensive, many farmers are switching to organic farming methods.

The Tangerine is a Healthy Seasonal Delight With a Global History

The ever popular little fruit known as the tangerine is rich in history and tradition as well as being one of the tastiest, most nutritional and convenient-to-eat foods around.  The tangerine is actually a member of the mandarin family of oranges and is known to have been cultivated in China and Japan more than 3,000 years before being introduced to the West two centuries ago.  The tangerine is an important food source which contains essential nutrients and minerals such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium and many others.  Tangerine oil, which is extracted from the peel, is used for both cooking and for medicinal purposes. 

Tangerines are smaller than oranges, have a deeper orange skin, and the flesh inside is very juicy, usually with a mild, sweet taste.  Most varieties of tangerines have few or no seeds.  In the United States, the best time to eat tangerines is November through January, although when juiced at the right time, tangerine juice holds up to freezing very well.  Otherwise, they should stay in the refrigerator no longer than seven days to maintain their great taste and nutritional value.  The best tangerine to buy will be soft and puffy with a loose-fitting skin and feel heavy for its size.  It should also be glossy and pebbly-skinned, but don’t worry if there are small green patches near the stem.

To get the most of its nutritional value, the best way to eat a tangerine is to peel it raw and eat its luscious juicy wedges right off the skin.  Fresh tangerine wedges are also important ingredients to many healthful, nutritious recipes for meals and snacks at any time of day or night.  The tangerine peel is also used not only as a decorative garnish or grating, but when dried and cured properly can also be eaten as a glaze or preserve, like marmalade or jelly.  Many great recipes like tangerine peel beef or chicken or radish soup with dried tangerine peel can found with an easy online search.

Tangerine oil is extracted by a process of cold-pressing tangerine peel.  The use of the tangerine oil for medicinal applications came from China and is now used the world over for natural healing of all sorts of conditions, both internal and external.  It is perhaps most popular in the United States for aromatherapy benefits in cream, bath lotion or vapor form as the fragrance of tangerine oil has been shown to help soothe the nervous system and reduce tension and stress at the same time it boosts the digestive system.

Health Benefits: The Fascinating History of Navel Oranges

Pictured: Oranges Preparing to Be Processed for Fresh Squeezed Florida Orange Juice

Pictured: Oranges Preparing to Be Processed for Fresh Squeezed Florida Orange Juice

Oranges are among the most popular fruits worldwide because of their unique, sweet and refreshing taste.  Also, because not only can they be found in great abundance and varieties, oranges have many important health benefits to the human body.  The navel orange, also known by its scientific term citrus sinensis, is one of the most popular of the orange tree varietals and also one of the most unique. 

Navel oranges are seedless, and once the peel is broken, the flesh inside is naturally very sweet and juicy.  From the outside, the blossom end of a navel orange looks like a human navel, which is how it acquired its name.  Inside, when a naval orange is broken or peeled, you can see a partially formed, undeveloped conjoined “twin” fruit on the blossom end. 

The antioxidant vitamin C is a main nutritional ingredient of navel oranges.  Millions of people drink orange juice from navel oranges daily as a source of vitamin C.  Vitamin C not only helps keep the human immune system strong, but it also helps the body absorb iron, works to heal wounds, and can even help prevent heart disease.  The human body does not naturally produce vitamin C on its own, so one of the best ways to get the right amount of this essential nutrient is to drink a fresh squeezed juice from a navel orange or to eat it right off the peel.

Other nutrients in navel oranges are also known to help to prevent cancer as well, such as stomach and esophagus cancer.  The high fiber content in navel oranges can help improve cholesterol ratios in the body, which is important in controlling diabetes. 

Beta-carotene is another antioxidant found in navel oranges which helps prevent cell damage.  Navel oranges also contain calcium, which promotes strong, healthy bones and vitamin B6 to boost production of hemoglobin in the bloodstream. The high potassium content in navel oranges helps maintain the balance of electrolytes in cells, and its magnesium helps keep blood pressure at an acceptable level.

But one of the most unique things about the naval orange is its history.  To this day, all navel oranges are clones which still originate from a tree in Brazil from almost 200 years ago.  This single tree propagated spontaneous clones and led to being grown in other regions. 

These mutations can only be cultivated through tree cuttings and being grafted onto other trees.  Producing navel oranges is considered a very big industry in the United States and economically important to California, Florida and Arizona where they are primarily grown.

Essential Nutrients Make Navel Oranges One of Nature’s Most Important Foods

Red Navel Oranges, often called "Ravels"

Red Navel Oranges, often called "Ravels"

The citrus sinesis, also known as the Navel Orange, is one of the most popular, unique and versatile of the orange tree varietals.  The navel orange can be cut open and eaten right off the peel, squeezed and drunk as a juice, a favorite addition to fruit salads, or even turned into preserves or jams, such as the ever popular orange marmalade.  Orange oil from naval oranges is a byproduct of the orange peel which is used to flavor food and drink as well as for fragrance in perfumes and aromatherapy.  Gardeners often use orange peels as a slug repellent.  Orange blossoms can be dried and then used to make a delicious, aromatic tea.

Fresh navel oranges are available from winter through late spring, depending on your region of the country.  When you go to the market, the kind of navel orange you should look for is one that feels heavy for its size and has no soft spots, outward pitting or mold. 

Navel oranges are seedless, and the flesh inside is naturally very sweet and juicy.  From the outside, the blossom end looks like a human navel.  When a naval orange is peeled, there is a partially formed, undeveloped conjoined “twin” fruit on the blossom end on the inside. 

Although navel oranges originally came from Brazil, today they are grown primarily in Florida, Arizona and California, and the navel orange cultivation industry is very important in the United States.

In addition to their sweet, refreshing taste, navel oranges are also well known and considered very important for their health benefits, especially the antioxidant vitamin C, their main nutritional ingredient.  Every morning millions of people drink orange juice from navel oranges as a source of vitamin C. 

The human body does not naturally produce vitamin C on its own.  Vitamin C not only helps boost the human immune system, but it also prevents heart disease, aids in healing wounds, and helps the body absorb iron.  One of the best ways to get the right amount of vitamin C is to drink a fresh squeezed juice from a navel orange or to eat it right off the peel.

There are other health advantages to consuming navel oranges as well.  The fiber content in navel oranges can help improve cholesterol ratios in the body.  Beta-carotene is an antioxidant found in navel oranges which helps prevent cell damage.  Other nutrients in navel oranges are also known to help to prevent other types of cancer as well, including stomach and esophagus cancer.

Citrus & Improving Your Weight Loss – Two Tips For Success

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Losing weight by running is a great idea – it works quite well. On top of that not only can you lose fat but running also improves your cardiovascular system, improves your stamina and is generally a great exercise for your heart and lungs. However as anyone who has ever tried to lose weight by running can tell you, it seems to work very well when you start but as you continue to run your weight loss starts to decline. The reason for this is that your body has adapted to doing that particular physical activity and doesn’t need as much energy as before.

What this means for you though is that while you are losing fat really fast for the first few days or weeks, the results soon become less than impressive to the point where you hardly see any results at all. This is very frustrating since you know it worked great before, in fact this frustration can cause someone to abandon the idea of running for weight loss altogether, which would be a mistake. So how does one solve this problem and get great results once more?

Increase Intensity

Assuming that your diet is in order and no changes should be made to it. There are only two ways to get better results from doing a certain exercise – increase the amount of time spent doing it, or increase the intensity. Since running already takes a fairly long time I am going to guess that most people aren’t looking forward to a 2 hour long daily run, which leaves the other option. By increasing intensity, in this case running faster you can get a large increase in amount of calories burned.

Take Supplements

Taking supplements can also improve your weight loss results. For example acai berry can detox your body, which is great as it will make you feel better and more energetic. It can also improve weight loss and decrease appetite, which could be very helpful because when you increase intensity of your runs, you will burn more calories and feel more hungry, it is important to not over eat and appetite suppressants make doing so much easier.

Ready to get great weight loss results from running once again? Get your free trial of acai berry and learn more about running for weight loss.

About the Author

Jone Dow has a lot of weight loss experience and is now interested in acai berry products and how acai can help you lose some weight

Use of Essential Oils Especially When Caring For Skin

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Vegetable, nut and seed oils are called “carriers” because they are used to “carry” or to transport a substance such as an essential oil to another place. In this case the essential oil is added to the carrier oil for the purpose of applying the essential oil directly to the skin. The oils used most frequently are Sweet Almond, Sunflower and Olive.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Once essential oils have passed the epidermis and the underlying structure of the skin, they are carried in the blood circulation to every cell of the body. Studies have shown that once essential oils have passed through the skin most can be detected in exhaled air within 20 to 60 minutes.

Essential oils are basically oil extracts from naturally found and grown ingredients like nutgrass, sage, fennel, palm, and shea nut. There are many more such ingredients and they are found in live stock too. One of these is fish oil and wrinkles can be effectively treated by using this particular oil.

Other common ingredients that are used in the form of essential oil and wrinkles treatment are lemon, patchouli, lime, myrrh, neroli, orange, oregano, palmarosa, thyme, vervain, violet leaf, yarrow, rose, and rosemary. These oils are sold in aromatherapy centers as individual compositions also. However if you find it too laborious to choose and pick an oil or a combination of oils, then you can try the natural wrinkle creams which have these ingredients as contents. The natural oils which are sold have all or few of these ingredients in high concentrations and usually prove to be more effective than using individual oils as an everyday treatment.

Using essential oils for cellulite treatment is not a new idea. Companies who sell cellulite treatments have been using these oils for years. The types vary depending on what company is selling the treatment, but they typically include any oils that will make the skin plumper and more moisturized, softer, and tauter. Essential oils may include juniper, clary sage, grapefruit, black pepper, ginger, lemon, orange, fennel, tangerine and cypress. In addition, common oils such as olive oil can help to nourish and smooth the skin.

You can use essential oils in the same way that you would use a massage oil or a lotion. The massaging action may even help to stimulate the skin and surrounding cells when you are rubbing it into your problem areas, so you can provide a double dose of treatment.

Fungal infection of the nails is the one of the most difficult of all disorders to cure. Both fingernails and toenails may be affected, although toenail fungal infection is the most common type. There are a number of oral medications that have been promoted as effective cures, and, indeed, many of these medications eradicate nail fungus. However, all of these medications have the potential of causing significant toxicity, including liver damage. Oil of oregano aids in the cure primarily through topical application, although internal consumption may be necessary however, this must be under the direction of a professional health care provider. The oil has a deep penetrating power, which aids in the destruction of nail fungus, since this fungus infects the root of the nail bed as well as the surface. Regarding essential oils, oil of oregano’s ability to destroy nail fungus is unmatched. Rub oil of oregano liberally into involved nails as often as possible. Be sure to reduce sugar intake.


Fungal infection of the skin & nails is one of the most difficult of all disorders to cure. Tea Tree and Oregano essential oils aids in eradicating primarily through topical application. These oils have a deep penetrating power, which aids in the destruction of nail fungus, since this fungus infects the root of the nail bed as well as the surface. These oils are included in our Healthy Nail Blend along with 5 other powerful essential oils.

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