What are the Best Citrus Fruit Companies to Order Fruit Gifts From?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying citrus fruit and citrus fruit gifts. But not all citrus fruit companies are created equal. Ordering fresh oranges, grapefruit and specialty fruit directly from the grove is a great way to get the best quality fruit. Just make sure that you are ordering from one of the best citrus fruit companies so that you can be sure you will get great fruit, great service and a great price. The companies listed here are the best citrus fruit companies for fruit baskets, fruit assortments, fruit towers and other fruit gifts. You can also order fruit assortments for your family or for holiday decoration and be sure that you are getting great quality fruit at a great price.

Hale Groves– Hale Groves is an industry leader. This small and independently owned grove has been shipping out some of the best Florida citrus fruit for more than 70 years. When it comes to great tasting Florida citrus it doesnít get any better than fruit from Hale Groves. You can find a huge selection of oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and even specialty fruit like Honeybells and Clementines at Hale Groves. Just be sure that you order early. A lot of the most popular holiday gifts sell out quickly each year. Hale Grove also offers a lot of budget friendly citrus gift choices.

Cushman’s– Cushman’s citrus fruit is operated under the umbrella of Harry and David. Harry and David pears are a Christmas tradition for many people. Cushman’s citrus fruit offers Honeybell citrus fruit gifts and other fruit baskets that contain fresh Florida citrus fruit as well as Harry and David pears and other treats. You can order these treats easily online but Honeybell gifts often sell out months ahead of time so if you want Honeybell gifts you need to order early. Honeybell gifts tend to sell out at all the best citrus fruit companies so a good rule of thumb is to order any Honeybell Christmas gifts early.

Indian River Fruit Company– The Indian River Fruit Company, like Hale Groves, is located in the famous Indian River fruit district in Florida. Fruit that comes from the Indian River is well known for being the best tasting citrus fruit. The unique growing conditions in the region create some of the best fruit you will ever taste. If you want to order from the best citrus fruit companies choose a company in the Indian River fruit district.


Ordering Fresh Citrus Fruit From Hale Groves

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Ordering fresh citrus fruit is easy and affordable when you order from Hale Groves. There are many reasons why people choose to order fresh fruit instead of just getting it at the grocery store. Ordering fruit online is a great way to get the best quality fruit and to get the best deal for your money. If you like to give fruit baskets to your friends and family you can find the best selection of fruit baskets online. Independent growers like Hale Groves have the kind of customer service and attention to detail that customers want at prices that fit into any budget. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many people order fresh Florida citrus fruit online:

Ethical buying – These days more and more consumers are taking the time to shop according to their conscience. They are turning away from big box stores and supposed great deals in order to support small businesses and local farmers. When you buy citrus fruit from Hale Groves you are supporting a family owned business that takes pride in growing great quality delicious Florida citrus fruit and sending that fruit all over the country for customers. If shopping ethically matters to you then buying from Hale Groves is right for you.

Better quality – People are looking at the quality of the food they eat and serve their families more critically than ever before. When you order fruit online the fruit is packed and shipped within a day or two of being picked. When it gets to you the fruit is at the peak of freshness and flavor. If you buy fruit at the grocery store it was most likely picked, then shuttled to a processing plant where it was treated with preservatives, then put in a truck where it was kept for days as it traveled to the grocery store. By the time the fruit makes it to the display bin at the store it could already be several weeks old. That is not fruit you want to eat or serve your family.

Better selection – When it comes to buying fruit gifts shopping online at a small independent business like Hale Groves gives you the best selection of gifts to choose from. You can customize gift baskets and fruit towers by adding on items like mixed nuts, candy, or cakes. You can get other gourmet food items shipped directly to your friends and family as well. When it comes to fruit and gourmet gifts you can’t go wrong shopping at Hale Groves.

Fun Citrus Fruit Baskets are Perfect for Summer Entertaining

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Summer means lots of barbecues, picnics and other outdoor events. Make citrus fruit baskets a part of your summer celebrations. Summer events with family and friends are a great time to relax. But decorating for outdoor events in hot weather can be tricky. Finding delicious foods and drinks that be served outdoors and stand up well to the hot weather is even trickier. Citrus fruit baskets can be used as both beautiful decorations and convenient snacks. Affordable fruit baskets are great for any budget and make cleaning up after an event easy and fast.

Citrus fruit baskets filled with seasonal fresh Florida fruit are perfect for gatherings. You can place fruit baskets anywhere, even by the pool. Citrus fruit will stay fresh and inviting even in the hottest weather. Plus, fresh orange juice and grapefruit juice packed with Vitamin C and other minerals will fight off dehydration. If you’re serving alcohol fresh citrus juice in cocktails will add a burst of flavor that your guests will love. There is someone for everyone in a mixed fruit basket. If you really want to add some fun to the party get a gift tower filled with all kinds of delicious snacks as well as fruit. Your party shopping can be done in just a few mouse clicks.

Citrus fruit baskets also make it easy to create wonderful summer drinks. You can use fresh juice from oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit to create wonderful summer punches and cocktails. To keep your punch cool on a hot day fill a bowl with a refreshing sorbet made from grapefruit juice and orange juice mixed together and pour the punch over the top of the sorbet. As the sorbet melts it will infuse the punch with a sweet citrus flavor that your friends and family members will love. Kids love having special citrus fruit punch made just for them. You can feel good about giving them drinks made from naturally sweet fresh citrus fruit too.

Ordering citrus fruit baskets is a breeze too. You can order online at anytime of the day or night. Your fruit baskets will be shipped immediately so that fruit is as fresh as possible. Seasonal fruit straight from the grove is sure to be a hit at any party. Or you can just order some fruit baskets for casual get togethers or family dinners. Simply sweet and healthy Florida fruit is appropriate for any occasion.