Florida Oranges

Florida Citrus Logo

Florida Citrus Logo

Florida oranges represent history, health and agriculture. The history of Florida and oranges goes all the way back to early 20th-century promoters who began by selling 5-acre groves to farmers.

Citrus in Florida quickly become a key element in agriculture, and still today, oranges and grapefruit are one of Florida’s largest commodity. However, despite it’s history, it wasn’t until 2005 that the orange was labeled as the state fruit of Florida. The state flower had always been the flower, and orange juice had been the state beverage for years. But it wasn’t until the 2005 legislative session that students from Sarasota County, Florida, lobbied the legislative to pass a bill making the orange as Florida’s official state fruit.

Florida’s variety of oranges include the navel, temple, blood, honeybell (tangelo), valencia, and up to 30 different hybrids of each orange.

Florida's World Famous Indian River Citrus Region. (Logo:Indian River Citrus League, Vero Beach, Florida)

Florida's World Famous Indian River Citrus Region. (Logo:Indian River Citrus League, Vero Beach, Florida)

Florida oranges are sold for fresh fruit gift shipping, fresh juice, frozen concentrate juice, and a variety of other consumer uses.



Cara Cara Oranges

A Cara Cara Orange is also called a Red Navel Orange. This citrus fruit variety has a dark orange-red interior fruit color, and is very sweet with generally a very low acid content. Cara Cara oranges are typically harvested from Venezuela during the months of October to January. They are medium-sized, round, with ten to twelve interior […]

Unique Oranges – Ortaniques

Unique Oranges are also called “Ortaniques,” representing a hybrid blend of citrus fruit and a name that is truly unique as well:  OR-orange, TAN-gerine,un-IQUE. Many Ortanique oranges are grown on the island of Jamaica, a large world exporter of this form of citrus fruit. The Ortanique is a cross between a Valencia orange and a Tangerine. According to […]

Blood Oranges

A Blood Orange is a unique hybrid orange citrus fruit, with a dark-red interior colored fruit. What is unique about a blood orange is the color inside — it is a red, crimson, blood-colored flesh. Blood oranges also tend to be a much smaller citrus fruit than an average orange. Sometimes, the exterior skin can be smooth, rather […]

Honeybell Tangelos – Honeybells

Temple Oranges

Valencia Oranges

Valencia oranges were created on a farm in Santa Ana by William Wolfskill, an agronomist from California. The name Valencia is Spanish and comes from the city Valencia. After its creation, Valencia oranges were sold to the Irvine Company; they used half of their land to farm them. It was a great success, causing the […]

Navel Oranges

A Navel Orange cross-section. A single mutation in 1820 in an orchard of sweet oranges planted at a monastery in Brazil yielded the Navel Orange, also known as the Washington, Riverside, or Bahie navel. Navel oranges develop a “second orange” at the base of the original fruit, opposite the stem. From the outside, it looks […]