Unique Oranges – Ortaniques

Cross Section of an "Ortanique" (Unique) Orange

Cross Section of an "Ortanique" (Unique) Orange

Unique Oranges are also called “Ortaniques,” representing a hybrid blend of citrus fruit and a name that is truly unique as well:  OR-orange, TAN-gerine,un-IQUE.

Many Ortanique oranges are grown on the island of Jamaica, a large world exporter of this form of citrus fruit.

The Ortanique is a cross between a Valencia orange and a Tangerine. According to Jamaican folklore, it developed with the help of a pair of lovebirds-one living in an orange tree, the other in a tangerine tree.

Seedlings of Ortaniques were first brought into the U.S. around the mid-1940s. They became an increasingly popular citrus fruit.  Initially planted most widely in California, the number of Florida plantings gradually increased. They are typically harvested in the month February.

Ortanique Oranges have a bright orange color, rich, sweet flavor and are easy to peel and section.

If you love Temple Oranges or Tangelos, you’ll love Ortaniques.

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