Pink Grapefruit

A Pink Grapefruit, sliced into easy-to-eat sections

A Pink Grapefruit, sliced into easy-to-eat sections

Pink Grapefruit are a hybrid of a red grapefruit and white grapefruit. Their color is more pink than it is red.

“Pinks” are great on their own. But some people like to sweeten them by cutting them in half, and sprinkling them with plain sugar, or even brown sugar.

You may even find recipes of adding butter to the top, and baking them in a shallow dish or under an over broiler until the sugary top starts to brown.

The majority of people who love Pink Grapefruit seem to enjoy them by sectioning them, squeezing them into juice, or eating them right out of their self-contained shell, using a serated spoon, appropriately called a “grapefruit spoon.”

Since Pink Grapefruit are a blend of white and red grapefruit, they tend to be less sugary, and more acidic and tart to the palate.

They are unbelievably juicing and a wonderful treat during a hot day, squeezed over a tall glass with ice cubes, or blended together with red grapefruit.

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