Ruby Red Grapefruit

Close Up of a Ruby Red Grapefruit, cut in half revealing inside.

Close Up of a Ruby Red Grapefruit, cut in half revealing inside.

Grapefruit comes in many varieties, determined by color. Their color is caused by citrus pigmentation. This has a lot to do with the state of the Grapefruit’s ripeness, and also its biological genetics.

Among the most popular variety of Grapefruit you will find is the red grapefruit, also called “Ruby Red,” for their bright reddish/pink interior color.

Ruby Red Grapefruit can range from being highly acidic to somewhat bitter, to sweet and tart. Ruby Red Grapefruit are the most widely grown grapefruit in the world.

A large growing section in the United States is located the Indian River fruit region, a coastal section of southeastern, southcentral Florida, and home to world famous citrus gift company, Hale Groves.

Most Ruby Red Grapefruit are used for slicing or hand squeezing. They typically have few seeds, are tender to eat, with a melting-type of interior flesh. While grapefruit in general are not usually very easy to peel, the taste of Ruby Red Grapefruit when they are sliced gives you the flavors of orange, along with, what some describe as a a “litchi nut” flavorful aftertaste.

You can find Ruby Red Grapefruit harvested typically during the months of November through May.

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