Tangerines on a tree, ready to harvest

Tangerines on a tree, ready to harvest

Tangerines are actually from the Mandarin family. Mandarins are the heartiest of citrus and grow best in subtropical climates and conditions. Most people call Mandarins “tangerines.”¬†

Tangerines are a variety of citrus fruit that are red-orange in skin color. They are always known for their paper-thin skin, which make them easy to peel, and easy-to-section inside fruit, making them a great, nutritious snack.

The peak Tangerine picking season is short–typically November to January, and most are “clipped” from a tree, by a worker using small clippers to “snip” their stem to avoid tearing the delicate zipper-skin and exposing the interior juicy fruit.

Sunburst Tangerines

The Sunburst Tangerine was bred from 15 different seedlings of Robinson and Osceola variety Tangerines. It is picked typically from November to December, and is a deeply orange fruit, with high sugar content and acid. It is richly abundant in juice content. The Sunburst Tangerine also has brittle, paper-thin rind, and the stem-end of the […]

Robinson Tangerines

Robinson tangerines are citrus fruits created from a hybrid mix of the Orlando Tangelo and Clementine Mandarin. You can find these tangerines blossoming between the months of October and December, making them perfect fall and wintertime fruits. Robinson tangerines are one of the most important commercial crops in Florida. The skin of the Robinson has […]

Honey Tangerines

Honey tangerines, which are also known as Murcott oranges, are only grown in the state of Florida. The actual origin of this fruit is a bit of a mystery, but what we do know about it is that is a hybrid between the tangerine and sweet orange, also known as a tangor. It is thought […]