Robinson Tangerines

Robinson tangerines are citrus fruits created from a hybrid mix of the Orlando Tangelo and Clementine Mandarin.

You can find these tangerines blossoming between the months of October and December, making them perfect fall and wintertime fruits.

Robinson tangerines are one of the most important commercial crops in Florida. The skin of the Robinson has a thin peel that is orange and has deep colored flesh. They are usually a small or medium size; this varies on the different years – some years they are medium and alternate years they are smaller. The average Robinson tangerine has between 10 and 20 seeds. This early season fruit has great flavor and lots of juice.

The Robinson tangerine tree can grow about 20 feet tall and it can stick around for about 20 years. Some people grow them in containers, which grow to be between six and eight feet within a few years. Robinson tangerines can be planted in states with cold weather, since they are freeze hardy.

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