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Peach Popsicles

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Buying Citrus Trees Online

Here at, we have a 40+ year tradition of producing high quality citrus trees and fruit, and we’re excited to share that heritage with you. Our generations of experience in the many aspects of the citrus industry means that we are more than just a citrus tree nursery. We pride ourselves on supplying high quality citrus trees grafted with the right rootstock to ensure that your tree will be healthy and produce delicious fruit for your family for years to come. Our expertise is offered to you with every citrus tree you purchase because we want you to be successful with your citrus trees.

Our Promise To You

Our mission is to change how people buy and grow citrus trees. From day one, we promise to make your experience a positive one, from helping you select the right citrus tree for your location to offering tips and advice that will help you become a successful backyard citrus tree grower. We want it to be easy for you to grow high quality citrus trees, no matter where you live in the United States.

Putting Our Knowledge to Work For You!

You can benefit from our years of knowledge and expertise in the commercial citrus industry because we have adapted commercial growing practices to make them easily accessible to the backyard grower – That’s you! You can take advantage of our knowledge and become a successful home citrus grower.

Which Citrus Tree Is Right For You?

We understand that choosing the right citrus tree can be a little daunting. Don’t worry! You’ll have our help to choose the correct citrus tree for your specific growing zone. Are you looking for a Meyer lemon tree? A dwarf Persian lime tree? An Owari kumquat tree? A Valencia orange tree? Tell us your gardening goals and we’ll help you choose the perfect tree that will flourish right in your own backyard.

From Planting To Harvest

But you won’t be alone after you select your citrus tree. You’ll have access to all the information you need to successfully grow your specific citrus tree in your particular area. We’ll help you choose the best location for your citrus tree and explain the best method of planting it so it will grow up happy and healthy. You’ll learn the right schedule for watering and using citrus tree fertilizer, when and how to prune, and how to perform regular maintenance on your citrus tree. We’ll teach you how to identify pests and diseases that you may encounter and the best ways to treat and manage them. And finally, we’ll help you learn when and how to harvest the fresh, delicious fruit that you grew yourself, right at home.