Dwarf Washington Navel Orange Tree 05

Can Orange Trees survive the winter?

Winter season can be tough for Orange Trees and although many are cold-hardy, they still need protection from the freezing weather. It is essential to educate yourself on how cold temperature affects your Orange or Citrus trees. Orange Trees can withstand temperatures between 35 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Trees that are bearing fruit can endure… Read more »

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What to Look For In Nutrient Rich Oranges

Orange is one of America’s most favorite fruits and one of the world’s most cultivated fruiting trees for home gardening and commercial growth. I am sure it does not come as a big surprise since we all know how fantastic an orange is. Just think about the bright-sun-kissed-orange skin enticing you to peel it off,… Read more »

Dwarf Rio Red Grapefruit Tree 05

The Most Popular Grapefruit Varieties

The different sweet Grapefruit tree cultivars are prized for their handsome evergreen foliage that can provide shade in the heat of summer, and their juicy, flavorful fruits that come in varying colors and flavors – from white acidic to pink bittersweet, to Ruby Red which is super sweet. Best Mail Order Grapefruit There are many… Read more »


What is a Kumquat?

Have you ever seen a citrus tree so thick with olive-sized, orange fruit that the branches seem like they are about to break? If so then you most likely saw a Sweet Kumquat tree or Sour Kumquat tree (not an orange) during the peak fruiting season. But what is a Kumquat if it isn’t an… Read more »

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What does a lemon tree look like?

Lemon Lime trees are popular citrus trees grown worldwide for commercial use and personal gardening. They are grown mostly for their juicy, tart (sometimes lightly sweet) fruit that can be used for making alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, baking cakes and pastries, making candies, concocting vinaigrettes, making marinades, and even cleaning the house. With the many… Read more »

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The Nutritious Value of Fresh Citrus Fruit

Keeping an active lifestyle and having a balanced healthy diet is everyone’s wish. We all want to be strong and healthy, and avoid dreadful diseases and deadly illnesses. To make this dream into a reality, we must include nutritious fruits like Navel citrus, Lemons, Grapefruits, and oranges into our daily diet. Tasty and Nutritious Citrus… Read more »

Dancy Tangerine Tree

Taking care of a tangerine tree

Growing your own fruits is beneficial as long as you know what you are doing. You get the security knowing that your food is clean and fresh, and you can save a considerable amount of money. However, space and location can narrow down the choice of fruits you can cultivate. That being said, growing your… Read more »