Miracle Fruit

We’re known for offering citrus trees in pots for sale, but we offer more than just citrus trees for sale online…including the one-and-only Miracle Fruit Tree! What is Miracle Fruit? This might sound like something out of a fantasy novel, but imagine eating a berry that magically makes every sour food you eat for up… Read more »


Do Dwarf Trees Actually Stay Small?

One of the most exciting gardening trends in recent decades has been the growing popularity of small-space gardening for growing fruits and vegetables. Many home gardeners have learned you don’t need much space to grow all kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs – and that now includes tree fruits. Whether you plant them in the… Read more »


Proper Lighting for Indoor Citrus Trees

Thanks to the portability of dwarf fruit trees (trees grafted onto dwarf rootstock), it’s possible for anyone to enjoy homegrown lemons, oranges, limes or grapefruit – even those who live in climates that experience hard winters. Indoor citrus trees aren’t difficult to care for, but their care needs are crucial – you can’t afford to… Read more »


5 Fun Facts About Pineapple Plants

Citrus.com is known for our citrus trees for sale online and great advice on how to grow citrus trees. But we can provide you with other types of fruit trees as well – and fruit-producing plants that aren’t trees, like the beloved pineapple! Here are some interesting facts about the fascinating pineapple plant: A pineapple… Read more »


How Do You Care for a Jaboticaba Bonsai Tree?

Jaboticaba bonsai trees are petite and beautiful… and they’re also very misunderstood. The term “bonsai” scares most novice gardeners away, because of the long-standing myth that these exotic-looking indoor trees are hard to care for. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bonsai isn’t a species of tree—it’s a gardening style, and a cherished… Read more »


Why Is My Olive Tree Not Flowering?

Olive trees are one of the most popular edible plants to grow at home, for a number of reasons: Olive trees are easy to care for, as they can adapt to many different soil types. Olive trees can be grown successfully in a variety of climates and can handle temperatures as low as 20°F. Olive… Read more »


The Easiest Edible Plants To Grow

You don’t have to have the greenest thumb in the neighborhood in order to grow your own edible plants for food at home. In fact some plants that grow edible greens, berries, and veggies are also quite easy to grow. Here is our list of 7 plants that are not only nutritious and delicious, but… Read more »


Growing Tips for Year-Round Edible Plants

In many locations, the winter months mean a halt to growing your own vegetables, herbs, and leafy green foods. However, the same attributes that make growing many of these plants easy in the first place (small size, fast growing, edible foliage) also make them great for growing indoors. That means when winter strikes, you can… Read more »


Four Edible Plants For Home Growing

Since the onset of COVID-19, and our federal, state, and local government reactions designed to reduce the spread of the virus, many of us have shifted to working at home. Even essential employees who still go back and forth to work have been spending more time in their homes as restaurants and bars have been… Read more »


The Art of Edible Landscaping

Integrating edible plants into your home landscape is one of those practices that make sense on many levels. You are already maintaining a lawn and flower beds, adding fertilizer, removing weeds, watering, and expending your energy doing so. When you mix edible plants such as vegetables, herbs, greens, and fruit into your yard, you get… Read more »


The 15 Best Wild Edible Plants

Knowing what wild plants you can eat or use in other ways is a survivalist must. Finding edible plants can be a life-saving skill. However, one mistake when eating a wild plant can have severe, even deadly consequences. Eating wild plants is never an undertaking for a beginner. Always consult with a local expert and… Read more »


10 Edible Plants To Grow At Home

You don’t need a large yard, or even a yard at all, to grow nutritious, delicious edible plants at home. Many vegetables and green edible plants are easy to grow, take up very little space, and can be propagated over and over to give you wonderful food you pick yourself. The following is a list… Read more »


7 Wild Edible Backyard Plants

You may be surprised to learn that there are plants growing right now in your back yard that can be eaten. While it is critical to always carefully identify and verify any wild plant you intend to consume or use in any way, there are often plants growing among our landscaped ornamentals that have nutritional… Read more »


8 Edible Plants You Can Grow in Your Kitchen

It makes sense that the kitchen is the one place in your house where you make use of edible plants, but have you ever thought about growing food in your kitchen? Growing your own food is fun, rewarding, and healthful. Here are our suggestions for seven edible plants you can grow right in your own… Read more »


8 Edible Plants to Grow Indoors

When most of us think of a vegetable garden, we picture raised beds, willow trellises, and soil so rich and refined that you can till it with your bare hands. But not everyone has a country house and extra land to devote to a traditional garden. In fact many of us have no yard at… Read more »