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Are Fruit Cocktail Trees Genetically Modified?

Has a fruit cocktail tree been genetically modified? Before we answer that questions, we should probably explain what a fruit cocktail tree is! What are fruit cocktail trees? No doubt you already know what fruit cocktail is – fruit cocktail (also known as fruit salad) is a dish made up of a number of different… Read more »


Are Tangerine Trees Self-Pollinating?

Anyone who’s had an apple tree knows that it won’t produce (or “set”) fruit unless there’s another apple tree somewhere in close by to help it pollinate. And that’s the nice thing about planting a tangerine tree or other citrus tree – lots of citrus trees are self-pollinating! What is Pollination, and How Are Fruit Trees… Read more »


Can Dwarf Trees Grow in Containers?

In recent decades, small-scale gardening has become all the rage. No longer are would-be gardeners limited by the size or location of their properties! From square-foot gardening to container gardening, you can grow anything from flowers to vegetables to even trees in just a small amount of space with the right care. Tiny Trees in… Read more »

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When Do Orange Trees Bloom?

Have you ever considered trying to grow your own oranges? You should – it’s very rewarding! Orange trees are lovely to look at, with glossy evergreen leaves year-round and wonderfully fragrant white blossoms in the spring. And that’s not even taking into account the gorgeous, delicious fruits and orange tree produces! Orange trees grow outdoors… Read more »


Citrus Plants That Grow Indoors

Homegrown citrus fruits in colder climates? It’s not so far-fetched as you think! Most varieties of citrus grown commercially in warm climates are too large to be grown indoors. But there are many small or dwarf varieties that can grow well as potted plants – even in cold, northern winters. Choosing Your Dwarf Citrus Tree Here… Read more »


What do Kumquats Taste Like?

Probably the simplest way to narrow down what a fruit tastes like is to start with the question, is it sweet or is it sour? That can be a bit problematic when talking about kumquats…but before we get into what do kumquat taste like, it might be better to first explain what kumquats are. “What exactly is a… Read more »

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Health Benefits of Eating Citrus

We’re all about citrus at, and no wonder…bright, colorful, fragrant and refreshing, citrus fruits are not only prized for their sweet-tangy taste – they’re nutritional super foods, too! Citrus fruits are rich in multiple nutrients such as vitamin C, flavonoids, and fiber which help protect your vascular system, reduce inflammation, improve gastrointestinal function and health,… Read more »

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Fruits to Plant in the Spring

Spring is coming! Are you ready to get growing? Tulips, daffodils and crocuses will soon be popping up everywhere, and if you’re itching to add edibles alongside your blooms, you’re not alone – there are few things more satisfying than enjoying fresh-grown tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries from your own garden. And don’t forget about fruit trees,… Read more »

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Pruning Citrus Trees in the Spring

Oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, grapefruit…there are so many types of citrus fruits! And for those who love citrus (whether for snacking, juicing, or using in your favorite recipes), there’s nothing quite like the thrill of growing your own. Citrus trees need consistent care if they’re going to produce fruit, however, and whether you envision a… Read more »


Tall Do Lime Trees Get in a Hanging Basket?

Do you love hanging plants? If so, you’re not alone – many gardeners are diving into the world of vertical gardening with all its many advantages, which include making gardening easier on your back, serving as an attractive screen or divider, maximizing a small gardening space, and just plain looking amazing! And these days, people… Read more »

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Lemon Tree Growing Zones

Hey, lemon-lover! Have you ever wished you could enjoy homegrown lemons from your own lemon tree, without having to relocate to Florida or California? Here’s good news for you – it may be easier than you think! While it’s true the subtropical lemon tree plant is very sensitive to frost and does best in warmer climates… Read more »

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Do Lemon Trees Grow in Winter?

What’s more delightful than a lemon tree? With fragrant dark green leaves, delicate blossoms and brilliant yellow fruits, a lemon tree on your patio or in your sunroom makes an excellent addition to your garden – and that’s not even taking into account the fruit that adds zest and brightness to many a dish or drink!… Read more »

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Are Meyer Lemon Trees Toxic to Animals?

Q: What sweet-tart fruit isn’t often seen in grocery stores, but is a favorite of many chefs (and would-be chefs)? A: The Meyer lemon! What is a Meyer lemon, you ask? Meyer lemons get their name from Frank Meyer, a Department of Agriculture employee who collected a sample of the fruit while traveling and brought it to… Read more »