Ginger-Lime Baby Back Ribs Recipe

Lime juice and ginger add a bright freshness to these zesty ribs! Serve the mouthwatering, tangy ribs alongside a simple slaw made with shredded cabbage, lime juice, and avocado oil mayonnaise. Ingredients: For the ribs: ¾ cup chicken broth 3 Tbsp. fresh lime juice, divided 2-2½ lbs. rack baby back ribs 2 Tbsp. chili powder… Read more »


Lemon Snowball Cookies Recipes

Here’s a perfect treat for teatime! These buttery, lemony beauties are light, freshing, and very easy to make.  Ingredients: 2 cups all-purpose flour 3 Tbsp. cornstarch ¼ tsp. salt 1 cup unsalted butter, softened 2/3 cup confectionary sugar (plus more for coating, about 1½ cups) Zest of 2 lemons (about 4 tsp.) 2 tsp. lemon… Read more »

Key Lime Tree 06

When Do Key Lime Trees Bloom?

When & How Often You Can Expect a Harvest If the first word that comes to mind when you hear the words “key lime” is “pie,” you’re not alone. The famous American pie owes its unique flavor to the tart, fragrant fruit that’s become common throughout the Florida Keys. But key limes are good for… Read more »

Dwarf Eureka Lemon Tree 01

Oh, Deer! Are Lemon Trees Deer-Resistant?

Tips For Keeping Your Tree Healthy & Pest-Free Now that the weather is getting warmer, you’re thinking you might move the dwarf lemon tree you got for Christmas onto the patio. Or maybe you’ve moved to a warmer climate and you’re thinking you’d like to add a ponderosa lemon tree to your arboretum. But wait… Read more »

Eureka Lemon Tree 08

How Tall Does A Meyer Lemon Tree Grow?

The Improved Meyer lemon tree is a handsome evergreen citrus tree that is a hybrid between a Mandarin Orange tree and a common Lemon tree. It is fairly vigorous, has a spreading growth habit, and is shrubby in nature. Do Meyer lemon trees have thorns? The standard Meyer Improved lemon tree is thornless and grows… Read more »

Nagami Kumquat Tree02

Do Kumquats Have Vitamin C?

There is an ongoing debate on whether to scientifically classify the kumquats as a genus of Citrus. Some plant biologists argue that they should be classified as genus Fortunella because of their slight difference from other citrus fruit. However, kumquats and other citrus fruits share similar ancestry and can crossbreed with each other, hence, the… Read more »

Key Lime Tree 03

Can a Key Lime Tree be grown in a pot?

Key Lime Tree, also known as Mexican lime, is a shrub that has a rounded or curved canopy with slender branches and medium thorns. The Key lime tree produces tiny white flowers that bloom in spring and emit a soft fragrance. The small round fruits of the Key lime tree and Dwarf Key lime tree… Read more »


Can Orange Trees Grow Indoors?

Oranges are a favorite fruit throughout the world. You can eat oranges fresh or make a juice-drink from them. You can toss orange slices in a salad, or bake them in a cake. Planting an orange tree can help beautify the surroundings and add citrusy-sweet aroma to the air. With its many benefits the question,… Read more »

Bearss Lemon Tree 1

Should I use Fertilizer When Planting a Lemon Tree?

Having Lemon and Lime trees at home can come in handy especially when we like hosting parties in our backyards. We can use them to make a vinaigrette, marinades, cocktails, flavoring for different dishes, even for baking cakes and other pastries. What’s more, we can also use the fruits from Lemon Lime trees for cleaning… Read more »

Dwarf Ruby Red Grapefruit Tree 03

Can Grapefruit trees grow in pots?

The Grapefruit tree is an evergreen citrus tree of the Rutaceae family and a hybrid of shaddock which originated in Barbados. Coming from the genus citrus, it can be expected that all types of Grapefruit trees would require lots of sunlight and a temperate climate. The big question is, “Can I buy a Grapefruit tree… Read more »

Who Else Loves Valencia Oranges

Can Orange Trees survive winter?

We think of oranges as summer fruits. How could we not when they boast bright sun-kissed orange colors, and flesh that bursts with fun, zesty flavors? On top of that our most beloved OJ is made from Valencia Oranges which are in season during summer. But did you know that there are oranges that can… Read more »

Dwarf Washington Navel Orange Tree 02

Do orange trees lose their leaves in the fall?

Summer has come and gone and so has many tree leaves. Autumn has arrived and the once green leaves that adorned trees have dried, fallen, and now decorate the ground. It may seem sad or romantic depending on how you look at it, but that is the natural cycle of deciduous trees like beech, aspen,… Read more »


How long do lime trees live?

While walking along an orchard path I looked down never-ending rows of citrus trees and was in awe of the beauty, the clean citrus bloom scent, and the shaded halls of green leaves. I suddenly wondered how tall key lime trees get, and how long they may live. If you are planning to grow a… Read more »

orlando tangelo tree

Fun Facts about Tangerine Trees

People often mistake tangerines for oranges because of their round shape, orange peel, and sweet, citrus flavor. But did you know that tangerines are a hybrid between a Mandarin and a Pomelo, and are classified under the Swingle and Tanaka classification systems? The tangerine fruit is in the same citrus family as oranges but is… Read more »

poderosa lemon tree 1

Is there a lemon lime tree?

Citrus trees are great to have in any backyard or inside the house, as they add allure to the surroundings, provide clean scented air, and put the freshest fruit within our reach. However, as much as we may want to have multiple citrus trees at home, limited space often restricts the number of trees we… Read more »

miho satsuma tree 2

Everything you wanted to know about tangerines

Citrus Tangerina, or tangerines, are one of the tasty hybrids of mandarin oranges. Tangerines get their name from their place of origin: Tangier, Morocco. Like other citrus fruits, proper tangerine tree care requires a warm, sunny climate for the trees to thrive. Although the fruit bears some striking resemblance to the common orange, it has… Read more »