Citrus Gifts Make Great Decorations

Using citrus gifts as decorations is an economical way to decorate for a wedding reception, graduation party, holiday party, or dinner party. Beautiful fruit baskets filled with brightly colored and tasty seasonal fruit will dress up tables and corners, and the guests can take them home after the party as part favors. Large baskets of mixed citrus fruits always look great as centerpieces on a table, and they can stand up to any kind of weather without wilting, drooping, or looking bedraggled like flowers. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor graduation party in the spring or a holiday dinner in a warm house or an outdoor wedding reception in the fall the seasonal citrus fruit in baskets will still look and taste great no matter how long they sit outdoors. Citrus gifts are inexpensive and easy to customize with ribbons or stickers so you can decorate them to fit into the theme of the party. Using citrus fruits to decorate instead of flowers also lowers the chance of anyone having an allergic reaction, since very few people are allergic to fruit.

But citrus gifts aren’t just great for decorating adult parties. Fruit baskets and containers of seasonal fruit are also wonderful decorations for kid’s parties. At birthday parties there is always a lot of sugary cake and other sweets. Using fruit baskets to decorate gives kids the option to have a piece of fruit instead of a high calorie and high sugar snack when they are hungry. Fruit is also a good alternative to kids who may be allergic to something that is in the cake. A single piece of fruit decorated with a sticker or ribbon is a great party favor for kids. Parents will be pleased to see their kids come home with a fresh piece of fruit instead of another piece of cake or more candy, which is what parents typically give out as party favors. Using fruit to decorate and as party favors at a birthday party also sends an important message to kids about eating healthy. By showing them that they can eat healthy in any situation, even at a party, you are helping them learn how to make healthy food choices. Studies have shown that what kids learn about food when they are small will impact their food choices for the rest of their lives. You can use citrus gifts to make sure they make wise choices when it comes to their diet.