Florida Oranges Are Part of a Healthy Diet

Are you trying some of the trendy diets like the Paleo Diet? Or are you eating Gluten Free? Regardless of what type of diet you are following Florida oranges should be part of your daily diet. Florida oranges are naturally gluten free and are part of the Paleo Diet. Citrus fruit is also very low in calories. Most oranges have less than 80 calories each. Fresh fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. Eating fresh citrus fruit daily will help you stay healthy throughout the year.

The number one reason why people say they don’t eat healthy is because it’s not convenient. They say it’s much easier to eat out or eat snacks from the vending machine instead of packing healthy snacks. But Florida oranges make it easy to eat healthy even when you’re busy. Oranges and other citrus fruits come with their own wrapper. That layer of thick rind means that you can take oranges, tangerines and other fruit anywhere. Even if it falls on the ground you can still eat it. You can leave oranges in the car or in your desk at work and they will stay fresh and delicious. You can use fresh orange juice in smoothies or other quick breakfasts if you are rushing out the door. Peel a Florida orange and mix some of the fresh juice and a few segments into a cup of Greek yogurt and you get a quick and healthy breakfast that you can eat in the car or on the train.

The truth is that it’s easy to eat healthy if you make it a priority. Fresh citrus fruit is a great way to the vitamins and minerals that you need. It’s also a smart way to trick your body into thinking that you are eating something bad for you because oranges are so sweet and tasty. Substitute a fresh orange for your afternoon candy bar and you will be amazed at how much natural energy you have. A piece of citrus fruit is the best type of snack that you can eat because it will give you the energy you need without a lot of calories. And naturally sweet oranges don’t have processed sugar which means you won’t have to struggle with the fatigue that comes after a sugar rush. Keep plenty of Florida oranges in your pantry and keep eating healthy.