Get Rid of Acne with Fresh Grapefruit

If you struggle to manage your acne you can use fresh grapefruit juice to gently control acne outbreaks and prevent acne flare ups. If you’ve had acne for awhile you’ve probably tried a lot of different products to try and get rid of it but many of those products are so harsh that they just damage your skin further. Many of them also have sulfates in them that can try your skin. Grapefruit juice is a natural antibacterial agent and can gently cleanse and heal your skin naturally. Plus the smell of grapefruit juice is very refreshing and a lot better than the chemical smells of acne fighting chemical based products. Here are some easy and effective skin care products you can make just using fresh grapefruit juice and a few other easy to find ingredients that will help you fight your acne and heal your skin:

Grapefruit daily toner – This toner is a key part of skin care if you have acne. Toning your skin after you wash it will get rid of any soap residue that could dry your skin and make the flaking and cracking associated with acne worse. The toner will also help shrink your pores and minimize the appearance of acne scars. To make this all natural toner you need witch hazel that you can purchase at any pharmacy, tea tree oil, and fresh grapefruit juice. Witch hazel is an astringent, so it will dry up excess oil on your skin. Tea Tree oil is a natural antibacterial and so is the grapefruit juice. Mix one part witch hazel with a few drops of Tea Tree oil and about a cup of fresh grapefruit juice. Use it every morning and evening after you wash your face.

Grapefruit cleanser – This natural cleanser will clean your skin without drying your face. Make sure you use the grapefruit toner after you cleanse with this to get the best possible effects from the grapefruit juice. Take a cup of fresh grapefruit juice and add a few drops of a natural liquid soap. Blend in the blender until the mixture has a frothy consistency. After you wash your face put this mixture in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. It will last for three to four days and then you should mix up a new batch. If you don’t like the grapefruit scent or if you want a change you can add some orange juice or tangerine juice to the mixture to get the scent you want.