Honeybells Make Great Gifts

This year you can save time and money by giving Honeybells for holiday, New Year’s and birthday gifts. Honeybells are one of the most highly prized citrus fruits because they have a rich, sweet taste that people love. But they are only in season for a very short period of time in the dead of winter. Honeybells come into season for just a few weeks starting in late December. They are gone by February. Most citrus groves sell out of their Honeybell crop months in advance because there is such a high demand for this delicious fruit. If you want to order Honeybell gifts this year make sure that you pre-order or you run the risk of not getting any.

Honeybells are great for late winter birthday gifts and New Year’s gifts. But they are most well known as Christmas gifts. Honeybells are often called the Christmas fruit because they are shaped like festive holiday bells. The shape of the fruit wasn’t intentional. The shape comes from the cross breeding process. A Honeybell is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. When the two types of fruit were first bred the result was the Honeybell. Honeybells have a bright orange color, exceptional sweetness, and huge amounts of delicious fresh juice. Because of the shape and because they only come into season in late December they are most often associated with Christmas.

Honeybell gift baskets are very popular holiday gifts that are appropriate for friends, family, neighbors and even business contacts. Gourmet food lovers go crazy for this super sweet fruit and can’t get enough of them. The delicious juice can be frozen and stored to be enjoyed throughout the year. The rest of the Honeybell can be used to create jams and marmalades that can also be stored and used throughout the year in order get that fabulous Honeybell taste all year long. Some people also like to order Honeybells for themselves as well as for gifts. They eat some of the fruit and make jams and jellies out of the rest. Those preserves then can be given as birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts throughout the year. You can count on Honeybells being in high demand so order your Honeybells and Honeybell gift baskets today if you want to know that you will be receiving some of these gourmet citrus fruits when they come into season.