How long do lime trees live?

While walking along an orchard path I looked down never-ending rows of citrus trees and was in awe of the beauty, the clean citrus bloom scent, and the shaded halls of green leaves. I suddenly wondered how tall key lime trees get, and how long they may live. If you are planning to grow a lemon lime tree, a lemon lime hybrid tree, or a dwarf lime lemon tree, then I am pretty sure you have asked yourself the same questions.

Lemon Lime Trees

The typical lifespan of lemon and lime tree, including a hybrid lemon lime tree, is over 50 years. However, with proper care, excellent growing conditions, and satisfactory disease prevention practices, lemon and lime trees can live for over a hundred years.

On the other hand, diseases like citrus greening, citrus canker, and citrus black spot may shorten the lifespan of a lemon lime citrus tree. An infected lemon/lime tree may need to be uprooted within 3 to 5 years of infection. Any lemon lime bush that has experienced then survived the above-mentioned diseases will have a reduced lifespan of 15 years or less.

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Best Lime Tree

There are a couple of great lemon lime trees for sale you may choose from if you are planning on growing citrus trees at home.

If you have an expansive backyard or front lawn you wish to line up with citrus trees you may wish to get an orange lemon lime tree or Meyer lemon lime tree. These evergreen trees that grow up to 25 feet in height would make wonderful accent trees, provide shade during hot weather, give you some privacy from outsiders, and emit a refreshing floral-citrus scent that will make your walk around the house even more enjoyable.

On the other hand, if you have limited space but would still like to grow citrus trees at home, you may opt for a dwarf cocktail tree lemon lime, a lemon lime combo tree, or a dwarf Kaffir lime tree. Dwarf lime tree height is just around 6 to 8 feet tall and perfect for small spaces. Furthermore, by growing a lemon lime cocktail tree, you can have a lemon and lime tree in one, and harvest two types of citrus fruits from one tree.

Dwarf lemon lime tree hybrid

You may not have seen a cocktail tree before, but I’m sure you have heard the idea. Nurseries usually grow Meyer Lemon Key Lime cocktail trees so home growers can enjoy the fragrant and sweet Meyer Lemons and at the same time be able to pick popular Key Limes from one small tree. These trees allow you to cook wonderful dishes, mix popular party drinks, bake appetizing cakes and pastries, and even use them for cleaning.

If you have a little bit more space at home and you are into making Asian cuisine, you might want to purchase a dwarf Kaffir lime tree for sale and add it to your citrus tree collection. Then you can start cooking Golden Thai Curry, Grilled Lemongrass Chicken with Kaffir Lime Leaves, Tom Yum soup, and more.