Navel Oranges are a Sweet Way to Get Healthy

If you are one of the thousands of people trying to eat a healthier diet adding navel oranges to your daily diet can help. Navel oranges are in season during the fall months primarily. They taste great and they are full of vitamins and minerals. The natural sweetness in citrus fruit like oranges and tangerines is the perfect way to satisfy sweet cravings while still eating healthy. Even popular diets like the Paleo Diet and Primal Diet encourage eating fruit everyday. Navel oranges are low in calories and they provide over a day’s worth of some vitamins.

Navel oranges are distinctive. The small protrusion in the orange is actually another orange that doesn’t grow to maturity. It’s a hybrid fruit that has no seeds. It also has a thick and pebbly peel that is very easy to peel. Navel oranges are great for kids who are just starting to eat on their own because they are seedless and they are easy to open without a knife. Citrus fruit also gives kids the extra Vitamin C that they need to fight off germs that they might pick p at daycare, preschool or school. The extra thick skin makes it easy to take these oranges anywhere. Throw a few in your bag and you will have some healthy snacks whenever you want one. The heavy rind will protect the orange so that even if it gets banged around in your bag, the car, or in your desk it will still taste great when you’re ready to eat it.

Fresh Florida oranges are the best tasting fruit that you can buy. Ordering navel oranges from a Florida grower is the best way to get amazingly fresh fruit that will taste great. Ordering oranges in bulk also makes it easy to keep your pantry stocked. You can order a box of navel oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruit and keep half the box at your office and half at home. That way no matter where you go you will have healthy snacks close by. Replace your current snacks with healthy oranges and you will lose weight and feel a lot better. When you have more energy from eating healthy you will find that it’s a lot easier to make time to exercise and get healthy. Healthy eating starts by eating natural foods like sweet and tasty Florida navel oranges.