Growing citrus in pots

Eight Steps To Grow Citrus In Pots

If you have limited space or live in a colder climate, but would still like to grow your own blood orange tree, Meyer lemons, or key lime tree, growing a citrus tree in a pot may be right for you. This guide describes eight steps to help you successfully grow your own citrus fruit in… Read more »

Citrus trees

Selecting The Right Citrus Tree For You

In the world of home gardening a thriving citrus tree is one of the most prized treasures. Canopies of glossy green leaves decorated with glowing oranges, sunny Meyer lemons, or juicy key limes provide both landscape focus and delicious citrus fruit. Selecting the right citrus tree to grow is the first step along the rewarding… Read more »

Slices of citrus fruit

Citrus Fruits You Should Be Eating More

People of all ages love Florida oranges because they are the sweetest and better tasting. But the usual oranges like Navels, Valencias and Temples, are not the only citrus varieties offering wonderful health benefits. Explore other varieties from the citrus family tree, sensations of health that are richly luscious and loaded with Vitamin C: Clementine… Read more »