How to Tell Different Citrus Trees Apart

Citrus trees have a lot going for them – they’re beautiful to look at, smell great, and produce delicious, nutritious fruit that can be eaten fresh, added to your favorite recipes, or even used to make homemade cleaning and medicinal products. But before you start doing a search on “citrus trees for sale near me,”… Read more »


How to Grow an Orange Tree

Orange trees are the most widely grown fruit tree in the world. The first orange tree arose as a hybrid between a pomelo citrus tree, and a mandarin. Today orange, trees consist of many varieties that are prized for their sweet, tangy flesh and nutritious juice, making them one of the world’s most popular fruits.… Read more »


Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

If you’ve ever had lemon blueberry cake, you already know who well these two flavors go together. Classic blueberry pancakes are always a favorite, but the addition of lemon juice and zest to this recipe gives them extra zing! Serve with warmed maple or blueberry syrup…you can also top them with whipped cream or nut… Read more »


Pineapple Pulled Pork Tacos

The pineapple slaw that goes in these mouthwatering tacos is so tasty, you’ll want to put it on everything! That’s fine, but don’t forget to try it with this spicy, melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork for a tropical twist on taco night. Mexico, meet Hawaii! Ingredients: 4 lb. pork shoulder 1 c. barbecue sauce ½ c. brown… Read more »


How to Plant & Grow an Avocado Tree

Are you a fan of avocados? If so, you’re not the only one – the Mexican fruit (yes, avocados are a fruit, not a vegetable) has grown popular along with the popularity of Mexican cuisine. Apart from the ubiquitous guacamole, avocados are enjoyed in everything from salads to breakfast toast. And avocados aren’t just delicious… Read more »


Olive Tapenade

Simple yet elegant, this easy olive tapenade is a great addition to a party or as an appetizer before a Mediterranean meal. Serve with crackers or sliced and toasted French bread. Delicious! Ingredients: ½ c. green olives, pitted ½ c. black olives, pitted 1 anchovy fillet, optional ½ tsp. dried oregano 1 clove garlic, smashed… Read more »


Miracle Fruit

We’re known for offering citrus trees in pots for sale, but we offer more than just citrus trees for sale online…including the one-and-only Miracle Fruit Tree! What is Miracle Fruit? This might sound like something out of a fantasy novel, but imagine eating a berry that magically makes every sour food you eat for up… Read more »


Sauteed Asparagus with Za’atar Spice & Pomegranate

Pomegranate is wonderful when served with granola, ice cream, or oatmeal, but it’s also great for adding pizzazz to savor dishes, too! This easy, nutritious recipe makes a wonderful side dish at a holiday meal or any meal. Spicy Za’atar and smoked paprika add tons of flavor to the subtle taste of the asparagus. Ingredients:… Read more »


Do Dwarf Trees Actually Stay Small?

One of the most exciting gardening trends in recent decades has been the growing popularity of small-space gardening for growing fruits and vegetables. Many home gardeners have learned you don’t need much space to grow all kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs – and that now includes tree fruits. Whether you plant them in the… Read more »


Orange Buttermilk Cupcakes

So moist, citrusy and delicious, it’s hard to believe these cupcakes are low fat! Infused with bright orange flavor in every bite, these comforting cupcakes area refreshing dessert following weeknight dinners and special occasions alike. Ingredients: 3 Tbsp. butter, softened ⅓ c. packed brown sugar ¼ c. sugar 1 tsp. grated orange zest 1 large… Read more »


6 Benefits of Indoor Plants

At, we advocate growing citrus trees at home for the delicious fruit they provide as well as the beauty they add to your surroundings. But it’s not just the fruit that benefits your health and mindset – in addition to adding color and vibrancy to your home, growing citrus trees indoors can also improve… Read more »


Citrus Pesto Avocado Toast with Tomatoes

This nutritious, quick-and-easy snack is like summertime on toast! Mashed avocado is topped with zesty vegan pesto and thinly sliced tomatoes to take toast to a whole new level. Try it with sourdough toast, or whichever break you like best – even gluten-free! Ingredients: For the pesto: 2 c. fresh basil leaves, tightly packed 3… Read more »


Proper Lighting for Indoor Citrus Trees

Thanks to the portability of dwarf fruit trees (trees grafted onto dwarf rootstock), it’s possible for anyone to enjoy homegrown lemons, oranges, limes or grapefruit – even those who live in climates that experience hard winters. Indoor citrus trees aren’t difficult to care for, but their care needs are crucial – you can’t afford to… Read more »


How to Cut an Avocado

Learn how to cut avocado with this easy step-by-step guide. The creamy and nutty flesh can be sliced, diced, or mashed to add nutritional benefits to savory recipes and even desserts. Once you know how to cut an avocado, the culinary possibilities are endless. Mastering the technique to slice and dice an avocado is key… Read more »

blackberry turnover

Blackberry Turnovers

Make sure you save some blackberries for this recipe because it’s easy, fast and delicious! Unlike store-bought turnovers, these homemade treats aren’t so sweet, allowing the incredible blackberry flavor to shine through. A hit with all ages, these easy-to-make and eat turnovers are perfect for a special breakfast, brunch, dessert, tea or anytime! Ingredients: 2… Read more »