Tips for Starting the Grapefruit Diet

Starting a new diet, even the grapefruit diet, can be tough. The grapefruit diet is designed to be a short term weight loss solution and isn’t an ongoing diet so you don’t have to change the way you eat totally. But it still can be difficult to make the commitment to start a diet to lose weight and look and feel better. The grapefruit diet has been proven over and over to help people lose up to ten pounds in two weeks because of the natural fat burning enzymes in grapefruit so if you stay on the diet for two weeks you will almost certainly lose at least a few pounds. If you have trouble starting a new diet even though you know you should here are some tips from diet and nutrition experts to help you get started:

Pick a date. You are more likely to start your diet, and stay on it, when you have a set time to begin. Pick a date that works for you and circle it on the calendar. Write “diet” on that calendar day and each day for the next two weeks. Each day as you check off that day on the calendar you’ll be more likely to stay on the diet. Studies have shown that the simple act of writing down the things you want to accomplish on a calendar really can motivate you to make those things happen.

Prepare in advance. You’re going to be eating a lot of grapefruit on this diet. You will be eating a half of a grapefruit before every meal and eating grapefruit for snacks too. If you have to constantly run to the store to get grapefruit you will make up excuses not to go and you will go off the diet. Order a box of fresh grapefruit in advance so you have plenty on hand. You also should order grapefruit so that you’re getting the best tasting grapefruit possible instead of the fruit from the local supermarket which is usually not very fresh. When you have to eat a lot of something it’s easier to eat if it tastes great.

Tell your family and friends about your plans. Telling your friends and family that you’re going to start the grapefruit diet will make it more likely that actually will because they will ask you about it and keep you accountable for being on it. Tell your friends and family members to ask you how it’s going and to bring it up when they talk to you so that you won’t be tempted to not start once you’ve set a start date.