Leccino Olive Tree

Growing Zones in Ground: 8 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11

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Leccino Olive Trees are prized, easy-to-grow Olive Trees that can grow to heights of thirty feet and widths of twenty feet. Leccino Olive Tree fruit ripens early and the Olives are ready to eat from October through November. Leccino Olive Trees are naitive to Italy, and the trees are suited for growing in the ground within USDA Zones 8 to 11, and in containers within Zones 4 to 11. They do best with at least six hours of direct sun each day, but will grow and make some Olives in partial shade as well.

Leccino Olive Trees can grow in many soil types including sand, gravel, or soil rich in organic material, provided that the soil drains well. Leccino Olive Trees growing in full sun and in the ground in good conditions can grow to twenty feet tall in five or six years. Leccino Olive Trees growing in large pots will grow more slowly and will stay smaller overall. The leaves are a greyish green and the trunks and limbs a light tan. Leccino Olive Trees are beautiful, olive-producing, long-lived trees that are easy to grow and make a perfect addition to the edible landscape.

Leccino Olive Tree Care

If possible, choose a planting location that is ten feet or more from all structures such as buildings or other fruit trees and hedges. The ideal spot gets at least six hours of direct sun per day. Check soil drainage in the planting spot by digging a one-foot deep hole and filling it with water. If the water does not fully drain within one hour, amend the planting location soil by adding coarse sand or perlite and turning it into the first two feet of ground. Dig a hole twice as wide and as deep as the potted Olive Tree’s rootball. Remove the tree from the pot, position the rootball its surface is even with the soil surface, backfill with soil, and water in well.

Leccino Olive Trees are self-fertile, but more Olive Trees will make higher yeilds. When planting multiple Olive Trees for cross-pollination, plant each tree at least ten feet apart, but within twenty to twenty-five feet of each other. Water new trees two times per week, or whenever the soil is dry at a depth of two inches. Wait for one month before fertilizing, then apply fruit tree fertilizer in the manufacturer’s recommended ammount once every quarter and water in well. After each fertilizer application, mulch the ground with organic material such as wood chips or leaves to discourage weeds and retain moisture.

Fruit & Harvesting

Leccino Olives produce medium, oval, glossy olives that are green when young and mature to a deep maroon shade. Finally, Leccino Olives turn shiny black in their final ripening stage. Leccino Olive Trees usually start to produce olives within one to three years once the trees have been planted in the ground, or while growing in a large pot. Mature Leccino Olive Trees in a sunny spot with proper fertilizer and water are known to grow up to thirty pounds of olives each season.

Leccino Olive Tree flowers appear in May and the Olives ripen by October. Leccino Olives can be eaten when either green or black. Pick Green Olives when tested fruits have juice that is milky-white when squeezed. If the juice iof Green Leccino Olives runs clear, then wait for another week and test again. Leccino Olives that have turned black should always have milky juice and are ready to harvest and use.

Growing Zones

Plant Growing Zones


Leccino Olive Trees can take cold temperatures down to 10ºF, but it is still a good idea to protect the trees from harsh winter weather. One way to protect Leccino Olive Trees from cold is when selecting a planting location. Try to find a spot with some protection from north winds. Potential locations include sunny spots to the south of a garden shed, garage, or established buffer plants such as a row of trees or a thick hedge. If your area experiences extreme freezing, you can also grow the Leccino Olive Tree in a pot and over-winter it indoors.

If you are growing a Leccino Olive Tree in a container, use a pot with drainage holes to keep the soil from remaining saturated. Plant the new tree in a pot with at least three inches of growing room on all sides of the existing rootball. Repot in a larger pot about once every two years until you reach a pot that is seventeen gallons or more. Once potted up to a container of this size, a potted Leccino Olive Tree can produce olives for years.


Will a Leccino Olive Tree grow in sandy soil?

Yes. A Leccino Olive Trees can grow in many soil types. The most important aspect for Olive Tree soil is that it drains well.

Do Leccino Olive Trees bloom all year?

No. Leccino Olive Trees bloom in early or late spring depending on temperatures and rainfall.

Can I grow a Leccino Olive Tree inside?

You can grow a potted Leccino Olive Tree indoors. Place the tree in a south-facing window and be sure it gets as much light as possible in the daytime. Indoor trees also need darkness at night to grow and bloom.

How tall will my Leccino Olive Tree get?

Leccino Olive Trees can grow as tall as thirty feet, and up to twenty feet wide. You can keep them smaller by pruning, or by growing them in pots.

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