Oro Negro Avocado Tree

Growing Zones in Ground: 9 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11

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Want to grow your own avocados? Shop our Oro Negro, or “black gold” avocados to enjoy their large, dark fruit and rich, creamy flavor.

Oro Negro avocados or “black gold” avocados originated in South Florida. Their name implies a rare variety of avocados very sought after thanks to their large fruit size and delicious taste. They are black and have a rich, creamy flavor with high healthy oil content.

Oro Negro avocado plants typically fruit from November to January. The avocados are oval-shaped and can reach up to two pounds. With a cold tolerance down to 30 degrees, USDA Zones 9–11 are best suited for the plant, although it requires full sun for healthy growth.

Despite the large fruit size, Oro Negro avocado plants are pretty small and grow four to six feet tall, so you can easily grow them indoors, on your patio, or in your backyard as long as they get enough sunlight. They have a pretty high cold tolerance and can be grown in any sunny area with temperatures that remain above 30 degrees.

They can be planted at any time of the year and do not require much feeding during the growing season. In fact, once the fruit matures, the plant does not need to be fertilized at all.

Oro Negro Avocado Care

The Oro Negro avocado plant requires full sun, preferable in eastern or western exposure. The indoors temperatures should remain above 35 degrees and humidity levels above 50% for best results. This makes Florida’s tropical climate a rich environment for them to grow.

Before watering, the soil must be visibly dry. Always make sure to water until the soil is saturated and a bit of water leaks out from the bottom of the pot for proper irrigation.

Typically, ¼ teaspoon of balanced avocado fertilizer for every gallon of water is recommended once a week. You can increase that to ½ teaspoon of fertilizer for every gallon of water once a week during the summer. As the fruits mature at the end of the summer through fall, feeding is no longer necessary. Repeat the process after harvest.

As far as pruning goes, you can do it during the first few weeks of summer once the tree has flourished. Insect problems are rare, but you may want to watch out for mealybugs and scale if surrounding plants have been infected.

Oro Negro Fruit and Harvesting

Oro Negro avocados are famous for their rich, creamy texture and high healthy fat content. Their skin is very dark once ripe. The fruit has a smooth surface that’s easy to peel. They have a strong sweet smell and a fantastic taste. They can be used for salads, toasts, or to make delicious guacamole.

The fruits are typically ready to harvest between September and January. They do not ripen on the tree, nor do they fall from it when ready. You’ll know they are prepared to pick from their size and once their skin turns dark enough. Make sure to wait until they are ripe before consuming — typically about three days to two weeks after harvest.

Oro Negro Avocado Advice

The Oro Negro avocado requires as much sun as possible to grow properly. Although it can handle cold temperatures, try to keep it in areas of at least 25 to 30 degrees. Do not overwater, and wait for the soil to be completely dry before watering. Oro Negro avocado trees tend to have problems with root disease, so make sure to water them properly to prevent it.

It is recommended to use a balanced fertilizer that is lower than 15-15-15. The Oro Negro are moderate feeders, so make sure to start with just a little (¼ tbsp per gallon of water) and increase feeding during the fast growth phase in the summer (½ tbsp per gallon of water) until buds appear. Then, reduce the quantity of fertilizer to help harden off the growth.

Although flowering occurs pretty early in the growing process, the plant needs to grow bigger before holding fruit. Just be patient, and trust the process. During the cold winter months, keep the plant in a cool area (60 degrees max). Since they have a pretty high cold tolerance, you can put them outside pretty early on if you’re located in the North, as long as there is no more frosting.


Where Are Oro Negro Avocados Grown?

Oro Negro avocados are primarily grown in Florida and other areas with temperatures regularly above 30 degrees.

What Do Oro Negro Avocados Taste Like?

Oro Negro Avocados have a rich, creamy taste and a high healthy fat content. Some even call it “the best tasting avocado ever made.”

When Do Oro Negro Avocado Plants Bear Fruit?

Oro Negro avocado fruiting season is in the winter, typically between November and January.

Does the Plant Require A Lot of Space?

Oro Negro avocado plants do not grow very large and can be up to six feet tall. You can grow them indoors as long as they get as much sunlight as possible.