Purple Possum Passion Fruit Vine

Growing Zones in Ground: 9 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11

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Purple Possum is a variety of Passion Fruit Vine (Passiflora edulis) that is named for the plant’s large, deep purple fruit. Purple Possum Passion Fruits are filled with delicious juice and are considered one of the best tasting of all Passion Fruit varieties. In USDA Zones 9 to 11 they do well in the ground when growing on a fence or structure. The Purple Possum Passion Fruit can also be grown in pots and hanging baskets in Zones 4 to 11, and brought indoors for winter.

Purple Possum Passion Fruit Vines are vigorous and will quickly cover an arbor or trellis. They have striking white, purple, and yellow flowers that have an otherworldly look. The heavily frilled blooms attract butterflies by the dozen and are followed by deep purple fruits that hangs down from the vines and resemble plums. Inside the fruit you will find dozens of slippery seeds coated in orange, sweet, tangy pulp used for juices and baking. Purple Possum Passion Fruit is an easy to grow vine that produces beautiful, unique flowers and delicious, nutritious fruit that gives dishes and drinks a taste of the tropics.

Passion Fruit Vine Care

Passion Fruit Vines can be grown in the ground and their climbing vines can cover a fence or structure easily. They require little maintenance and are resistant to many insects and diseases. They prefer well-drained, sandy soil and respond well to short dry periods. Fertilize mature Passion Fruit Vines lightly in spring with bloom supporting fertilizer and you will be rewarded with hundreds of Passion Flowers and Fruit. Vines trimmed in winter will burst forth in spring with new growth and even more blooms and fruit.

Older Passion Fruit Vines can become woody with dried foliage. Cut older vines back to about one foot above the plant base at the ground. Cutting back vines in this way should be done in winter, so the spring growth can return with vigor. Older trimmed Passion Fruit Vines can be composted, but may also grow new vines from seeds in old fruit or cuttings that root. These plants can be potted to plant elsewhere or share, or turned over and chopped up to work them back into the compost material.

Fruit and Harvesting

Purple Possum Passion Fruit are very nutritious. The seed-filled juicy pulp inside each fruit contains about 17 calories, 2 grams of fiber, vitamins C and A, iron, and potassium. The pulp is jelly-like and the seeds are crunchy and edible. The seeds can also be strained out and the delicious Purple Possum Passion Fruit juice collected to add to fruit juices, smoothies, and other drinks. The flavor is sweet, slightly acidic, and has a definite tropical, tangy taste.

Harvest Purple Possum Passion Fruit when their skins turn from yellow green to purple. Ripe Purple Passion Fruits will be round, slightly shriveled, and about three or four inches across. Pick using hand pruners and collect the ripe fruit in a bucket as you go. Harvested Purple Possum Passion Fruit are best used right away, but the fruit will store refrigerated for a few days. The strained juice can be frozen for storage, and is also the ingredient in baked goods such as muffins or pastries.

Growing Zones


Purple Possum Passion Fruit Vines are fun to grow, but remember that they are a vigorous tropical vine that loves to climb. It is best to avoid planting Passion Fruit Vines against the wall of a house, or building where a blanket of climbing foliage is unwanted. The best spots for a Purple Possum Passion Fruit Vine is on a dedicated arbor in the full sun, or on a back section of fence away from ornamental shrubs or structures.

If the fast growing Purple Possum Passion Fruit Vines move into a tree or onto a shed where you don’t want them, simply prune them back a few feet from the structure and the vines will behave for at least one season of growth. You can also pull away and redirect growing tips of smaller vines. Always collect fallen fruit from the ground to keep unwanted vines from sprouting up. Passion Fruit that falls to the ground can usually still be eaten if it is found within a day or two. Discard any fruit that has holes or splits.


How fast do Purple Possom Passion Fruit Vines grow?

Established Purple Possum Passion Fruit Vines in Zones 9 to 11 can grow as much as twenty feet per year.

What do I need to grow Purple Possum Passion Fruit Vines?

In Zones 9 to 11 you need a sunny spot with a trellis or fence, good draining soil, plenty of room, and periodic water.

How long will a Purple Possum Passion Fruit Vine live?

Most Purple Possum Passion Fruit Vines will live for about five to seven years.

Can Purple Possum Passion Fruit Vines grow in a pot?

Yes. Purple Possum Passion Fruit Vines can be grown upon a trellis placed in a large container, or in a hanging basket.